Be what you wanna be

. January 14, 2013.


Explore a whole new sound of family-friendly tunes with Toledo’s The Wanna Bees. The band with members known as Mailman Mike, Doctor Dan, Officer Ollie and Builder Brad began playing in
videos and at libraries and family-friendly festivals in 2002. After a six year hiatus, front man Doctor Dan (Chuck Riepenhoff) reprised his beloved songs at family events in 2008 after having a family
himself. Ever since, tracks inspired by the likes of bands including They Might Be Giants, the Barenaked Ladies and The Verve Pipe, The Wanna Bees have kept parents listening to their beats, while children are
enthusiastic about the whimsical lyrics and high energy performances. “They’re catchy pop songs,” says Riepenhoff. “The music appeals to a variety of ages and keeps kids entertained, but it’s cool enough for parents to enjoy.” Recently, The Wanna Bees released a new album, Work Together. Available at and on iTunes. For more info on The Wanna Bees or to book the band visit or email —CP