Baby Love at The Toledo Zoo

. June 2, 2014.

A lot of things are “hatching” at The Toledo Zoo, including the birth of two saddle-billed storks in late February and early March.

The chicks are part of Africa’s largest stork species and the Toledo Zoo is only second in the nation to rear this rare species. They are currently growing and developing at the Zoo’s Avian Breeding Center and will return when they are able to survive on their own.

It doesn’t stop there. Add two ring-tailed lemurs and twin spotted-necked otter pups to the mix and you have more newborn cuties to add to your list of things to see at the zoo.

The lemurs were born to twin sisters on exhibit at the Zoo’s Primate Forest and their charismatic personalities will capture your little ones.

Watch the otter pups use their strong webbed paws to swim through the water and steal the attention from what’s going on around them!







The Toledo Zoo, 2 Hippo Way, Toledo. Visit or call 419-385-4040 for more information and admission prices.