Optometry with Dr. Brodie

. March 1, 2016.

Brodie Optometry began offering vision therapy and sensory learning services in December 2015. Vision therapy is a series of treatments that help correct visual motor and sensory development issues. Many patients experience some of the following symptoms: struggling in school, poor comprehension, skipping lines when reading, double vision and headaches. 

Sensory learning services help patients to navigate their environments by learning how to deal with hypersensitivity or under sensitivity. Patients who could benefit from these services tend to be hypersensitive to sound, touch, smell. Vision therapy and sensory learning really benefit those who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury, depression, anxiety, stroke, sensory processing disorder, or are on the autism spectrum.

Margie Petersen, the Director of Vision Therapy and Sensory Learning at Brodie Optometry, explains that an assessment begins with an eye exam, and depending on what is uncovered, more testing would take place. Margie has a Masters Degree in Education and can participate in Individual Education Plan meetings to make recommendations for students.   


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