Now Open: Rae Ray’s Custom Wood Crafts

After years of selling crafts from her home, on local garage sale sites, and festival and vendor events, Ashley McCormick finally has a permanent home for Rae Ray’s Custom Wood Crafts.

Ashley started this craft business to support her family after her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to stop working. In the process of assisting her husband through that life altering illness, Ashley also lost her job. She began making and selling crafts to earn money in between all of the hospital and doctor’s appointments and today she has her own shop!

Rae Ray’s is a unique gift and decor boutique where you can find handcrafted wood pallet designs, nail art, signs, shelving, custom decor and the work of other local vendors. You can customize just about any piece in the store with your favorite colors, monograms, and designs.

Rae Ray’s Custom Wood Crafts
422 Louisiana Ave., Suite E., Perrysburg, OH | 419-344-1462.