Local Nonprofit TenaCITY Supports Toledo Youth

TenaCITY Toledo is a local nonprofit founded in 2021 that serves Toledo youth and families by providing recreation recommendations and resources.

The organization thrives on their mission to build productive relationships and make a positive impact on the youth of Toledo because they believe that healthy teens and a healthy family make for a healthy community. 

The Organization

According to the TenaCITY website, the organization partners with current and retired teachers, social workers, military personnel, police officers, artists, and local success stories, as well as local agencies and businesses, to help youth have exciting stories and experiences to draw on into adulthood.

“There are a lot of families who need resources but do not know where to find them, and there is a really big need to partner with families to make sure that there are safe, healthy, avenues for kids to be thriving in the Toledo area,” said TenaCITY founder Kayla Kowalski.

TenaCITY focuses on the ages of 11-15 years and aims to show these local youth that they are supported by their community. 

Vital resources 

TenaCITY works with local families, schools, and leaders to provide resources to better the community, including working with local teachers so they can refer parents who may need a hand in finding home necessities such as rental assistance and help with utility bills. These options are often overlooked because parents may be unfamiliar with them, or don’t quite understand the application/eligibility process.

“We want to have intentional impact, maintain integrity, and develop relationships. That is what we are doing one family at a time,” said Kowalski. 

The organization has recently partnered with the City of Toledo and other Toledo nonprofits such as the Toledo Zoo, community churches, and even local artists, to provide safe recreational opportunities for teens such as summer camps, after-school activities, and giveaways. Some of the opportunities provided by TenaCITY have costs associated with them but it varies depending on the service.

“We don’t want cost to be a reason why someone is not getting safe recreation, as opposed to either not participating in community events at all or getting themselves into trouble doing something else. We try to find a lot of sponsors to make sure that this does not happen,” said Kowalski. 

Kowalski would also like for parents to know that they are always welcome to observe and participate in the recreational programs “because a healthy family unit is only going to make our Toledo teens better.” 

How to get involved 

With TenaCITY Toledo being a relatively new organization, they are always looking for new ideas from local youth and are eager to make a difference in the community.

“We care very deeply about making sure our kids feel safe and loved. We want to create a space that gives them a sense of belonging, and if it isn’t with TenaCITY, we want to point them in a direction where they can find it,” said Kowalski. 

The nonprofit is always accepting volunteers and they encourage local leaders to get involved as well because gaining new partnerships is how the organization can create new opportunities for teens.

“All of our members and volunteers want to see kids thrive. They want to see Toledo’s future leaders do well,” said Kowalski. 

The organization also accepts feedback in order to find out where they can make a greater community impact. 

For volunteering opportunities and outreach:
Email Tenacitytoledo@gmail.com
Follow the Tenacity Facebook Page
Search the Tenacity website
For community leaders & questions directed to founder Kayla Kowalski:
Email: kayla.kowalski@gmail.com OR
Call: 419-356-5201