What’s Briefly Happening in Toledo: Summer 2022

Do Your Part for Ukrainian Kids
Toledoans Craig and Tatyana Burns created America Cares for Ukrainian Children, a charity with the mission to help Ukrainian children affected by the recent Russian invasion. America Cares for Ukrainian Children is a subordinate organization of The Anastasia Fund, which Craig helped create nearly 25 years ago. 

To support this Toledo nonprofit, visit ac4uc.org to learn more and to make a donation, or to become an advocate by joining their Facebook group, America Cares for Ukrainian Children. There you’ll find updates, learn more about how to get involved, and share posts about how the charity is making a difference for Ukrainian children. —KF

CDC Changes Developmental Guidelines for Children
The next time you bring your child to the doctor for a checkup, the conversation may be a little different than what you’d expect. That’s because — for the first time in 20 years — the CDC has updated the developmental guidelines for growing children in accordance with the Learn the Signs. Act Early program. The guidelines, which were updated in early February, 2022, are designed to help parents make sure their children are meeting crucial milestones as they continue to grow, and to recognize the potential signs of autism and other developmental disabilities. —AK

Raising Teens’ SELF-ESTEAM

Girls in struggling schools and communities now have exposure to STEM careers and opportunities thanks to SELF-ESTEAM, a Toledo-based nonprofit that hopes to serve underrepresented and disadvantaged teens aged 12-18.

Through workshops, educational opportunities, events and service projects, these girls are gaining confidence and contributing to positive change in their communities.The program offers a balance of community service-related events along with workshops and educational opportunities. For more information visit selfesteamtoledo.org and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @selfesteamtol. —MK


New Upgrades to the Toledo Technology Academy 

The Toledo Technology Academy is making huge mechanical advances to their curriculum thanks to an increase in funding.  U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur announced that $1.25 million would fund new equipment and projects for Northwest Ohio schools to represent the community’s need for mechanics and engineering. The theme of this initiative is “capturing the future,” bringing innovations into the community with electric vehicles, 3D printing and energy fueling technology. The ultimate goal is to encourage more young people to pursue careers as mechanics and engineers through hands-on experience. —KS

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