Bowling Green Breaks Ground on New Inclusive Playground

The inclusive playground at Rotary Community Park in Perrysburg, from the WCP website

With a groundbreaking ceremony on June 2, Wood County Plays celebrated the first steps toward construction of a new, inclusive playground in Bowling Green at Carter Park.

Wood County Plays was founded in 2019 to create playgrounds where children of differing abilities can play side-by-side. 

“They allow those with special needs and their families a place to play and grow along with their typically developing family and friends,” their website reports, explaining that “all of our playgrounds address not just physical accessibility concerns, but also give safe play for children with sensory, emotional, or cognitive disorders a place to play like never before – side by side with their peers!”

The new RallyCap Sports Inclusive Playground at Carter Park, located at 401 Campbell Hill Rd., will center around a wheelchair accessible log, a five-foot-high artificial turf hillside and slides, the first wheelchair swing in Bowling Green, and a seven-foot-high climbing course. The playgrounds WCP constructs are also equipped with rubberized surfaces, ramps, and fencing for children who are prone to wander off. 

“I’m excited to be partnering with Wood County Plays and am thrilled that they selected Bowling Green as the next location for an Inclusive Playground build,” said Mayor Mike Aspacher in an interview with 13abc. “I’m looking forward to the construction of this new space that will allow for individuals of all abilities to play side by side in a well-designed and safe environment.”

WCP’s first inclusive playground, presented by Mercy Health, opened in July of 2021 in Perrysburg, at Rotary Community Park, located at 26350 Fort Meigs Rd. 

Though there is no completion date for the RallyCap Sports Inclusive Playground currently, the latest news in late September 2022 is that the team has installed much of the equipment thanks to the help of many volunteers. For the latest news, follow RallyCap Sports on Facebook. To learn more about Wood County Plays, or to donate for the construction of the playground at Carter Park, click here

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