Open House Guide

Back in School Again

By Emily Remaklus and Erin Holden

With school resuming this fall, so has a sense of normalcy. There’s no better time to review your options if you are looking for your child to attend a different school, or if they will just be starting their educational journey. Our Open House Guide provides parents with a list of options to suit different needs, from Montessori schools to those that provide income-based aid for families. Explore these centers of learning to help with one of the biggest decisions parents can make for their little ones!

Cardan Montessori Center
1555 S. Byrne Rd., Toledo
419-787-7376 or 419-215-8151
Open House: Virtual interview and tours available now

Early childhood educators Jordan and Carmen Nathaniel discovered after having children that many Montessori schools were over their budget, and government childcare benefits did not offer them the opportunity to send their children to centers that offered more private and specific education. Wanting to give young, low-income parents the chance to send their children to a Montessori school, they opened Cardan Montessori Center. The Center accepts government benefits so that children in low-income households can have a quality Montessori education. Montessori studies come from Maria Montessori, who developed a way of education that allows children the freedom to learn through exploration, creating a sense of independence and a love for learning. The Cardan Montessori Center offers programs for children from infants to school-age. Jordan and Carmen Nathaniel’s ultimate goal is to open a chain of centers throughout the country so that underprivileged children nationwide can benefit from the Montessori Method.

Toledo Public Schools
High School Open House Dates:
Start High School: September 1| 5-6:30pm
Scott High School: September 1| 5:30-7pm
Bowsher High School: September 8| 6:30-7:30pm
Woodward High School: September 8|6-7pm
ANSAT (Aerospace & Natural Science Academy of Toledo): September 15|5-7pm

Whatever your child’s interests academically, the Toledo Public Schools system offers many resources to help them excel and find their niche. From college prep to vocational training like carpentry, welding, auto collision, aviation, medical technology, and animal science, “It’s offered at TPS.” Students who attend TPS also have endless opportunities for extracurriculars in athletics, the arts, and much more.

TPS standards for early childhood education and special education are second to none, and they are well-recognized for their Intervention Response Teams (IRT) to help any student who is experiencing behavioral and/or academic difficulties. No matter what your child is going through, there are resources to help them overcome it and thrive.

Though open house events took place in August and early September, parents who are looking to send their child to a Toledo Public School can always visit the website to learn more about the TPS mission and call to set up a time for a tour.

Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy
3225 Pickle Rd., Oregon
Open House: November 7|noon-3pm
Cardinal for a Day availability: Opens in October

Since 1960, Cardinal Stritch has been a leader in the Toledo area for Catholic education, focusing on helping students reach their academic and personal excellence. This year, Cardinal Stritch celebrates their 60th Anniversary in Catholic Education as the only Preschool-12 Catholic school in the Toledo area. Cardinal Stritch offers a wide range of courses, giving students the chance to discover new interests from Preschool-12. These courses include core classes along with theology, French, Spanish, engineering technology, performing arts, visual arts, health and personal fitness, and L.I.F.E. (Looking Into Future Experiences) Program classes.

The faculty members at Cardinal Stritch make learning fun as students transition to becoming independent learners from academy to high school. The school’s small group rotations help students with problem solving, independence and taking ownership of their learning.

Cardinal Stritch also has college credit options through AP courses and their partnerships with Owens Community College and The University of Toledo for college-credit-plus classes. To emphasize the importance of community service and life-long stewardship, students participate in Stewards of Stritch (S.O.S.) which requires a certain number of community service hours each year. As for after-school activities, 98 percent of students participate in extracurriculars such as athletics, performing arts and enriching clubs.

Children’s Discovery Center
Locations in Toledo, Holland, Perrysburg, and Waterville
419-867-8570 |
Open House: Call for an appointment

With centers throughout the Toledo area, Children’s Discovery Center is a great close option for many families. This early care facility is a place where students learn through exploration, and it works hard to support children and families in a creative Christian environment. Children’s Discovery Center has programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, and offers a Discovery Express School for kindergarten-aged children. Additionally, Camp Discovery is a summer program designed for school-aged children. The school follows Reggio Emilia’s approach to learning, which focuses on creating strong, powerful and capable children. The Center’s educators are degreed teachers who have ongoing training during the year. The programs are all Step Up to Quality star-rated and the Centers have won various local and national awards.

Educare Academy Child Development Centers
10 locations throughout Toledo
(419) 704-2009 |
Open House: Schedule a tour online

With ten locations throughout Toledo, Educare Academy Child Development Centers make finding a local childcare option easy for parents. Children from infants to school age have a place at Educare. For parents with infants and toddlers, the school has partnered with Cuties Care, which provides diapers and wipes for little ones while at school, for an extra $10 a week. The school has also partnered with Lucas County Family Council and Great Lakes Community Action Partnership to provide Early Head Start and Head Start programs. Early Head Start is for children under three and helps prepare children for the transition to preschool, while the traditional Head Start program helps promote and strengthen school readiness for preschool-aged children. The Head Start programs help the children of low-income families to succeed when starting kindergarten. Free Pre-K is also offered for four-year-olds whose families meet certain income requirements. School-age children also have a place at Educare, where they can get assistance with homework, read, play games and engage in crafting activities before and after school. During the summer, the school-age kids participate in the Summer Camp program with learning opportunities and field trips.


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