Road Trips from Toledo: 8 Things to Do in Northeast Ohio

We recently went on a little getaway to Glenmont, Ohio — as we’ve done in the past — to stay in another treehouse. Because at this point, we are determined to stay in every single treehouse in driving distance of us! It has become one of our favorite pastimes. This weekend excursion inspired me to write about the top things we experienced in Glenmont and the surrounding area.

Mohican Treehouse Resorts: El Castillo

This was the main reason for our trip. El Castillo is the third treehouse we’ve experienced at the Mohican Treehouse Resort, and it is certainly my favorite so far. Aptly named, it is shaped like the turret of a castle. When we first walked in and looked up, we were blown away by the beautiful chandelier at the top, just above the loft bedroom. There is a beautiful spiral staircase leading to that with a guardrail made of branches. It will definitely make you feel as if you are living in a woodland fairytale, so my two-year-old (Townes) loved it! The treehouse also has a fully equipped kitchenette, indoor restroom and an outdoor shower, a Murphy bed downstairs (perfect for our little guy), and three deck areas to hang out on. 

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Malabar Farm

When you see this place, you’ll 100 percent understand why Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall decided to get married there way-back-when. A family farm once owned by Pulitzer Prize winning author and conservationist Louis Bromfield, the nonprofit Malabar Farm Foundation now operates the estate. Townes loved the farm-themed playground, the little calico cat that followed us around, and all the farm animals we got to visit throughout the site. And we ALL loved the Malabar Farm Restaurant, which we stopped at for our lunch.

Shawshank Trail Though we didn’t take an official tour, we did notice signs around the Malabar Farm area indicating sites from The Shawshank Redemption scenes. If you are a fan of that modern classic (as I am), take a look at the Trail’s website, which presents options for bus tours, virtual tours, and more, with 15 filming sites.

Mohican Lodge

We were thrilled about our lodgings at the treehouse resort, but we couldn’t resist checking out this place because we are always curious about lodging options in somewhat remote areas. Even if you just go into the lodge lobby to see the beautiful view, sit around the fireplace, or visit the gift shop, it is worth the visit. Oh, and there is an arcade there that we were hard pressed to pull Townes away from.

Mohican State Park

While you’re in the area, take your time exploring the Mohican State Park, which features an idyllic covered bridge, the impressive Pleasant Hill Dam, and a somewhat intimidating fire tower that you can climb all the way up to the top (but not go inside). Townes and I watched my husband Matt do that rather than brave it ourselves. Definitely not toddler-friendly, but satisfying to watch someone else do it!

Coshocton Hot Air Balloon Festival

This event brings people from all over the country to see colorful hot air balloons take to the sky! Held at the Coshocton County FairGrounds, the event promises hot air balloon rides, but also carnival food and rides that were perfect for our toddler. There was this one airplane ride that he rode, like, four times in a row. And the lady was so nice about it. We brought leftovers to have a picnic, had way too much sugary lemonade, and watched these hot air balloons inflate one by one….only to not take off at all. Apparently, it does not take much wind to prevent these giant things from safely taking to the sky. Good thing to be aware of before you get in that long line for a ride. The carnival rides, however, are a sure thing! Townes even ended up in the Coshocton Tribune for his aviator skills.

Landoll’s Castle
I wrote about this in our last article, but it bears mentioning again: go to this magical place, even if you don’t intend to spend any nights there. It is a sprawling, ACTUAL castle that you have to see to believe.

A pitstop in Shiloh 

When traveling with a toddler, you just have to make a lot more stops than you otherwise would. Townes is a good roadtripper, but he gets antsy after a while. On the way back to Toledo, we recommend stopping at this sleepy little village in Amish country to enjoy their public playground just behind a shop called Fluffernutter Vintage, which I definitely checked out for a bit. Very unique finds in that place!

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