Road Trips from Toledo: The Mohicans Treehouse Resort

In October of 2020, when I was about four months pregnant, my husband and I had the pleasure of enjoying a “babymoon” at The Mohicans Treehouse Resort. First, if you’ve never heard of a babymoon, it is essentially your last joyride alone with your partner when you are about to have your first child (I had no idea it was a thing, but I welcomed the excuse for a vacation). Matt and I loved our stay in The View, a treehouse with a loft bedroom, full indoor bath and outdoor shower, and kitchen. It was lovely. We soon found that there wasn’t much cell reception and no internet access, both of which we appreciated as well. 

Cut to 2023, when our little baby moon is no longer a baby, but an almost-two-year-old toddler who gets to go on a similar adventure with us, only now out-of-utero! Matt, little Townes, and myself recently got a chance to stay in another Mohicans Treehouse, this time The Silver Bullet, a beautifully renovated vintage Airstream camper mounted in the treetops. We chose this one because it did not have a loft, making it a bit safer for our adventurous climber who is still iffy with ladders.

The Silver Bullet has a patio with an outdoor chaise lounge in front, and the main entrance in back. When we put in our code to enter, we were amazed to walk into a sizable bathroom, half of which was a steam shower. This part is the built-on addition to the original camper, which we entered next. 

On one end we found a cozy dining table surrounded by throw pillows and adorned with twinkle lights (so hygge), and on the other end of the camper was the bedroom with a queen-size bed. In between was a turntable and records, a kitchen stocked with snacks and coffee, and a TV with DVD player. Like last time cell reception was limited and there was no Wi-Fi. It was wonderful to just unplug like last time.

The first thing we did with Townes was to roam the woods and explore the other sites. The Mohicans Resort is made up of treehouses, cabins, and a gorgeous wedding venue. Townes loved running around the area and enjoying nature. We stayed here for two nights, and I would absolutely recommend doing this with your family. It’s such a wonderful, quiet getaway to enjoy quality time without the distractions of technology. At only two and half hours away, it’s easy to plan!

Area attractions

First of all, there are TONS of outdoorsy things to do in the Loudinville-Mohican area. It’s actually the “Camp and Canoe Capital of Ohio,” so it is perfect for outdoor fun in the summer. You can actually learn quite a bit about the area from the Mohicans Treehouse Resort website. We stayed at the treehouse when it was still quite chilly, plus Townes isn’t ready for canoeing quite yet, so we did some sightseeing instead. 

One of the most memorable stops was at Landoll’s Mohican Castle, a meandering, ethereal 1,200-foot-tall hotel and ACTUAL CASTLE that was built room-by-room without any floor plans. We didn’t get to go inside any of the hotel rooms, but we did enjoy exploring the grounds and wandering around the hallways and stairwells that we had access to. It was a bit like being in a fairytale, with statues and elaborate fountains everywhere. We also ate a tasty lunch at The Copper Mug Bar & Grille, which itself is filled with historical artifacts.

All-in-all, if you are looking for a fun road trip any time of the year, you should certainly check out the Loudonville-Mohican area. I’m so glad that Matt and I got to take our beautiful memories from the last trip and add to them with Townes.