Childcare & Preschool Guide

Various locations 

Is your curriculum play-based, academic-based or something different?

We use Creative Curriculum, which is play-based.

What age groups do you serve? 

We serve infants through school age.

What training/certifications and experience do the teachers hold? 

All Lead Teachers have at least a CDA credential or an associate’s degree and hold certifications in FA/CPR, child abuse prevention, communicable disease, and well as professional development hours, completed yearly.

What kind of support does your school offer for children with disabilities? 

Educare Academy believes every child should thrive. We recognize that every child is different, and we make equity a priority by welcoming children of all backgrounds, cultures, experiences, identities and abilities. Our classrooms are filled with discovery, where every child is provided similar opportunities, where differences are embraced, and where all children can feel they belong and are included.

What is your school’s goal/mission? 

At Educare Academy, our philosophy is to meet each individual child’s needs while fostering their growth. We use the whole-child approach to teaching which supports and nurtures all areas of children’s development and learning – from social-emotional and cognitive skills to literacy, math, and science understanding. Our goal is to develop healthy and well-rounded children who are equipped with the skills they need for life.

Toledo Public Schools

Various locations 

What is your school’s philosophy on child care and/or education?

TPS Early Childhood Program Mission: The TPS Early Childhood Program recognizes the importance of early childhood experiences on school success and offers a wide spectrum of services and program options for children and their families. Our work with young children focuses on supporting their self-confidence, social competence, physical health, and academic preparation. We believe that a child’s family, the strongest influence on the child’s development, must be direct participants in the program.

TPS Early Childhood Program Philosophy: The preschool program is based on the understanding that children learn through experimenting, exploring, and interacting with their environment. We provide children with a rich variety of materials to encourage them to touch, smell, taste, hear, and see and thereby, learn. 

TPS Early Childhood Program Goals: The written program goals provide a basis for daily operations, which support the needs, interests, and abilities of each child through quiet and active play while:

  • Developing positive parent-child-staff relationships.
  • Facilitating the growth and development of your child’s emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development.
  • Assisting you in the education and development of your child.
  • Stimulating children to become problem solvers.
  • Assisting children in developing positive social relationships with a diverse group of children.
  • Continuing to develop program systems that will help us achieve positive outcomes for our students, their families, and program staff.
  • Supporting teachers and other program staff in their roles as service providers and collaborative team members.
  • Providing high quality, individualized experiences for all students that are aligned with Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards.
  • Effectively using evidence-based, culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate curriculum and assessments to plan learning experiences and monitor student progress.
  • Practicing thoughtful collection and use of valid, reliable, and meaningful data to inform programming decisions at both the classroom and program levels.
  • Building strong, collaborative relationships with students’ families and community partners.

What accreditation(s) does your school hold? 

All TPS ECE programs meet the 5 Star Step-Up to Quality requirements set forth from the Ohio Department of Education. . 

Why should I enroll my child?

Our dedicated staff is focused on ensuring your child is successful when he or she enters kindergarten – that starts with enrolling in a proven early childhood education program. Our highly qualified staff is student-centered in their approach to education. All teachers have earned at least a four-year degree and our classroom assistants have an associate degree in early childhood education.

What age groups do you serve? 

Who Should attend? Children 3-5 years old who reside in the Toledo Public School District are eligible to attend the TPS Early Childhood Program.

Where are the programs located? The TPS Early Childhood Program has preschool-only sites at Crossgates School and Mayfair School and classrooms at over two dozen TPS schools and the East Toledo Family Center.

How do I enroll my child? The first step is visit and complete the TPS enrollment form.  You will then receive follow up information. Space is limited. You can call 419.671.9100 or email with any questions.

What makes your school unique?

TPS Early Childhood Program believes in supporting the whole child which includes support services such School Nurses and Health Specialists • Behavioral Specialists • Specialized staff for speech, physical, and occupational therapy • Family Support Partners. 

What days/hours are you open?

The TPS Early Childhood Programs offers a variety of options to meet the needs of all students including full-day and part-day sessions Monday – Thursday following the TPS District calendar & building hours. 

How many students attend your school and what is the teacher/student ratio?

Toledo Public Schools has over 1,200 students in the Early Childhood Program. Space is limited due to licensing capacity and preschool is not mandatory by the state for general preschool students. 



  • Development 
  • Speech, emotional/behavioral skills, social skills, learning, or physical development 
  • Ability to eat, drink, toilet, and dress independently 
  • Medical issues that may impact his or her education 
  • Disabilities that may impact him or her in a school setting.  

Complete the TPS online enrollment form.  You can call 419.671.9100 or email with any questions.

How would you describe the teaching style at your school?

Things every parent should know about play: 

Creative Curriculum is a play based and whole -child approach to education — one where children have opportunities to develop not only math and literacy skills but also social – emotional, physical, and cognitive skills — is developmentally appropriate and hand on learning better prepares children for life well beyond their time in a classroom. 

  • Playing is learning. 
  • Play benefits your child’s development. 
  • Play provides children with an opportunity to develop relationships with other children and adults while enhancing communication skills. 
  • Play allows children to express their feelings and relieves stress. • Play promotes curiosity and challenges children to develop problem-solving skills.

If you could describe your school in 5 words or less, what would they be?

School Readiness starts in Early Childhood.

More information…

Visit Childhood for further information including listing of locations and contact information for the department. 

Children’s Discovery Center

Various locations

Is your curriculum play-based, academic-based or something different? 

Our curriculum is emergent, focusing on the strengths and capabilities of each child. We employ a project-based approach, known as Reggio Emilia, where children actively participate in designing and directing projects alongside teachers. This fosters important social skills such as creative problem-solving, conflict resolution, and collaboration, while promoting growth across physical, emotional, creative, and intellectual domains. Children develop verbal, graphic, and writing expression skills, with additional learning opportunities through field trips and guest speakers. Our goal is to create a stimulating environment that encourages discovery through interactive experiences.

Additionally, our Christian Education program nurtures spiritual values, emphasizing each child’s special place in God’s creation. We teach simple prayers, Bible stories and songs while respecting the diverse faith backgrounds of our families.

Does the center offer half days and/or full days? Is lunch provided on full days? Infants are full-time only. Toddlers-PreK are full-time and part-time, and ½ days are offered. Morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack are provided daily for full-time and part-time children.

Does the center have early drop off and/or late pick up available for working parents? 

Our operational hours are intended to provide flexibility for working parents, with standard hours being 6:45am-6pm, Monday – Friday

What age groups do you serve? 

6 weeks to 5 years of age

After-school program: kindergarten – 11 years of age

What accreditation(s) does your school hold? 

Step Up to Quality five star-rated

What is your school’s goal/mission? 

Children’s Discovery Center, a premier early care and education provider, respects the child, encourages learning through exploration and supports the family within a creative, nurturing and Christian environment.

What sets your center apart from others? 

At Children’s Discovery Center, our distinctiveness lies in our unwavering dedication to the renowned Reggio Emilia educational philosophy. Our team comprises caring and skilled professionals, including certified teachers, who create enriching classroom environments for children. We prioritize ongoing staff training and foster a collaborative learning environment led by both teachers and children. Internationally recognized for our innovative approach and classroom designs, our leadership travels widely to coach other early childhood education centers in successfully implementing similar methods within their communities.

How many students attend your school and what is the teacher/student ratio?

Infants 1:5

Toddlers 1:7

Preschool 1:12

Pre-k 1:14 

School-age 1:18

Gateway Garden Preschool

4650 W Bancroft St., Toledo


Is your curriculum play-based, academic-based or something different? 

The academic program at Gateway Garden places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.

Does the center offer half days and/or full days? Is lunch provided on full days?

 We offer half days, MWF, T/TH, M-F or full days, MWF, T/TH or M-F. Half days are 8:30- 11:30am and full days are 8:30am-3:30pm.  Please bring a cold packed lunch for full day students.

Does the center have early drop off and/or late pick up available for working parents?

We offer early drop off at 7:45am and late pick up until 4pm

What age groups do you serve? 
Children must be 3 by November 15th. We serve ages 2 years and 10 months to 5 years.

What training/certifications and experience do the teachers hold? 

Our teachers have college degrees and many years’ experience in preschools

What sets your center apart from others?

Gateway Garden Preschool has been serving the Ottawa Hills, Toledo and Sylvania families for over 80 years.  

How many students attend your school and what is the teacher/student ratio?

Gateway is a small school serving no more than 35 students. Small teacher/student ratios allow for more personalized attention in a warm supportive environment.