. May 6, 2013.

Yeeha’s Buckin’
Bar & Grill
3150 Navarre Ave.
Oregon, OH 43616
Mon-Sun: 11a.m.-2a.m.

I have to admit, I had some serious reservations about taking my family to an establishment with “buckin’ bar” in the name.  And well, it doesn’t exactly scream “family restaurant” at the entrance, either.  Upon pulling up to the building, my daughter kept saying, “Maybe we shouldn’t go in there.  I’m not sure it’s a place for kids.”  I know, for a 10-year-old she needs to chill out a bit, but I, too, was a tiny bit hesitant.  As I slowly opened the door one Saturday night I was half expecting everyone to turn their heads and shoot un-approving glances my way.  What I got instead  was a good meal at a great price and a very enjoyable time.  Lesson learned: Never judge a book by its cover.
Yeeha’s claim is “Northwest Ohio’s ONLY full service Country Western Restaurant, Sports Bar, Dance Club and Event Center.”   However, if you’re in there before 9 p.m. on a weekend, it’s really not any different than any other bar and grill type restaurant around town.  Well, okay, the waitresses wear tight black tank tops that say “Buckin’ Babe,” but other than that…  There is a large horseshoe bar in the middle, and on one side tables and booths, on the other a wood floor for dancing and plenty of pub tables and chairs.  
After getting settled at our table, I took a look around and to my surprise, I saw a few families hanging out with friends and another having dinner in a booth.  Our waitress, Heather, who was great by the way, said families stop in to eat frequently.  You can’t beat the Little Bucks menu, for cowboys and cowgirls 12 and under, for $2.99 including drink.  My Wild West bunch got a kick out of the corn dog bites, and my cowgirl enjoyed a grilled cheese.  Of course, burgers and chicken tenders are also available.

Kid-friendly service
My children enjoyed their meals, but I really can’t say enough about our waitress.  It was obvious from the second we sat down that she had young children of her own.  She didn’t ask if we’d need a few more napkins.  That was a given.  She was very chatty with the kids, joking around with them, and making them feel right at home.  She even asked ME about soda refills for them, knowing I just might want them to switch to water.  She knew if she asked them about refills they’d say yes, mom would say no, and that harmony at the table would cease.
The other side of the bar/restaurant had a fun lobster tank.  For $2 you can try your skill (or luck in my opinion) at using the little crane and outsmarting the lobsters.  If you can successfully snag one, it’s yours for the $2 and they’ll cook it up for you.  Sure enough, someone caught a lobster that night and before taking it back to the kitchen, Heather, knowing the kids would love getting an up close look at the live lobster, stopped by our table to show the kids.   You know she made an impression with the kids!

A variety of food choices
The menu is loaded with an array of bar food, such as angus sliders, chili cheese fries, potato skins and the like.  Move down to eight salad options, chicken chunks served eleven different ways, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and countless entrees including steaks, chicken, and fish.  I had a bowl of French onion soup, a side of mashed potatoes and a 6oz. bacon wrapped filet all for only $8.99.  My husband dove into the half pound mushroom and Swiss burger with seasoned fries for $7.99.  He, of course, had to throw in some Wild West Wings with Yeeha’s signature sauces as well. Too much food for one meal, but it made for a great snack the next day.
By the time we were ready to leave, the boys were begging to listen to the band that started to set up for an evening of partying and dancing.  We left with our ‘lil bucks before the clock struck 9 and they turned into pumpkins.   They’ll have to wait a few more years before seeing the “rock stars,” as they called them, perform.  

Bottom Line:  If you’re comfortable taking your family to a bar and grill atmosphere, you will undoubtedly enjoy the good food at reasonable prices that Yeeha’s offers.  You and your kids will enjoy the fun, friendly wait staff as well.   Don’t forget to have them take a peak at the lobster tank, too.

Karen Zickes is a mom of three active children and freelance writer who resides in Holland, OH.  She can be reached in c/o