Upscale Eatery: A Culinary Treat

. February 1, 2018.

Sometimes, you just need to make family time a little extra special. Though family time has always been a priority, lately I have been feverishly trying to capitalize on quality time as we inch closer to my oldest, and only, daughter going off to college in a few short months. Just typing those words brings me to tears.

Yes it’s Plat8,
NOT Plate8… or is it?

Before I get started raving about what may be one of my new local faves, let’s squelch the debate of whether it’s Plat, or Plate, what it’s all about, and why the “8” also looks partially like an “E”, etc. Trust me, we had a hot debate at the table. Thankfully the Plat map of Ottawa Hills was framed and hanging above our table, proving that the name includes Plat, not Plate.

Manager Amy Spohn explained that Ottawa Hills had 7 Plats, so the restaurant was the 8th. When I told her my daughter noticed that it appeared to have an E in the 8, she confirmed yes it does, and that the name is a double entendre; meaning the name could be taken in two ways. But enough about that, let’s talk about the good stuff.

The locals are
invested… literally

On a holiday Friday night the kids and I, as well as my friend’s two kids went for a Holiday Tour of the Manor House at Wildwood. What a wonderful, free event every year that sure puts you in the holiday spirit. Afterwards we decided to take things up a notch and try out Plat8.

Nestled in the Ottawa Hills Shopping Center at Talmadge and Central, this cozy little restaurant opened just shy of a year ago in the same location as the former Mac & Tongs. The space was gutted to the studs and has been completely reconfigured. Amy said that a group invested in the restaurant, most of them from Ottawa Hills, and they wanted to create something local with a unique atmosphere and incredible food. The head chef is the talented Moussa Salloukh who is also part owner of LaScola Italian Restaurant in South Toledo.


Kids welcome, but I’d
make it a date night

This cozy upscale restaurant is rustic chic and the fact it only seats about 50 gives it an intimate feel. When we visited, the kids menu seemed to be for a more sophisticated palate. However, since they rotate out new menus seasonally, they also recently updated the kids’ menu to be a bit more kid friendly. Items such as cheese pizza, mac n cheese, cheeseburger, pulled pork tacos, chicken tenders,etc. are available for $7-$8 plus drink.

I enjoyed mouthwatering pecan encrusted chicken over vegetables while my daughter savored their Portobello Pesto bowl that blended warm quinoa, baby arugula, chickpeas, corn, broccoli, and portabella mushrooms topped with a fried egg and pesto vinaigrette for $10. A couple kids got the kids cheeseburger that must have been half a pound, and my older son had a hankering for the margarita pizza and tabouli. Though there is a selection of “handhelds” such as the apple bourbon pork belly tacos for $11 and a Kafta burger for $14, several entrees on the menu exceed $20.

Options include salmon, sole, braised beef short ribs, butternut squash ravioli, lamb lollipops, New York strip steak, salads, unique appies, and so much more. If you would like bread with your meal, be sure to request it.

Personally, I would bring older kids to this eatery, or save a visit for a date night or a night out with friends. On our visit we saw one little girl eating with four adults and it seemed that the entire meal she was occupied with her iPad. So yes, kids are welcome, but….
Overall, this place is a winner and I can’t wait to return.

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes, but you may prefer to do date night or out with friends
To avoid wait: Reservations encouraged Friday and Saturday Noise level: Moderate to loud
Bathroom amenities: No changing station
High Chairs: Yes
Got milk? Yes, and fruit juices
Kids’ menu? Yes
Allergy info: Alert the server; chef Moussa Salloukh does a wonderful job of accommodating guests with allergies and can prepare something special for you

Bottom Line

Plat8 is a new dining addition in Ottawa Hills, owned by locals, to serve locals, and they also buy most ingredients locally; how can you go wrong? The modern yet rustic atmosphere combined with attentive service and incredible food makes for a wonderful evening. Kids are welcome and even have their own menu, but I personally can’t wait to make my next trip a date night or even a girl’s night out.

4330 Central Ave.
Toledo Ottawa Hills Shopping Center
Mon-Thur: 4pm-10pm
Fri-Sat: 3pm-11pm