The Wild, Wild West… Of Ohio: Mail Pouch Saloon Returns to Haskins

. October 1, 2016.

Mail Pouch Saloon

102 W. Main St. Haskins, OH 43525
Mon-Thur: 11a.m.-10p.m.
Fri-Sat: 11a.m.-1a.m.
Sun: 11a.m.-10p.m.

Haskins, Ohio. If you blink on your way to Bowling Green, you’ll likely miss it. When a new restaurant reclaimed a historic space and boasted the “best damn food in Haskins,” I had to chuckle because I was pretty sure it was the ONLY restaurant in Haskins. The renovations were laborious, but the end result proves no detail was too big or too small.


Bringing back the old… and making it new

Restaurants are a dime a dozen and frankly, I am tired of the quantity of nondescript restaurants around town that offer mediocre atmosphere, food, and service. Yes, I want scrumptious food, but I want all the extras, too! Mail Pouch Saloon hits the mark on unique. The building that Mail Pouch Saloon calls home has quite a history, and the owners of the “new” Mail Pouch Saloon, Jamie Wietrzykowski and Larry Bertok, took extra care to preserve that history. Over the years the building has housed a grocery store, car dealership, post office, restaurants, and in 1977, the original Mail Pouch Saloon.

Wietrzykowski and Bertok went to great lengths to renovate the building and
create an old western saloon. The outside seasonal patio and bar, referred to as the Smokin’ Gun Bar and Patio, allows customers to enjoy swings at the bar and cigar events, featuring cigars from Third Street Cigar Smoking Lounge in Waterville. I realize you won’t be looking for a cigar event to attend with the family, but keep that in mind for a dads’ night out! Mail Pouch claims to be as biker-night friendly as it is family friendly. The kids and I were happy to see that our favorite magician, Andrew Martin, performs tableside magic on Thursdays 6-8pm. We’ll be back!

Using old pallets for wood siding really adds to the theme of an old western saloon. Despite seeing “Most Wanted” signs hanging around, spittoons, and the various other things that make it a true old western saloon, patrons in the year 2016 can enjoy modern amenities such as a plethora of TVs playing anything you want, free Wi-Fi for those who can’t live without the ’net, jukebox, mini arcade (for the kid in all of us) and more. Upon our return, I want to check out the historical photos in the bar top.


Portions for a cowboy

Despite the large horseshoe bar, dining tables, booths, and high-top tables, we still needed to wait a few minutes for a seat on a busy Saturday night. I have heard it’s as much a place for the locals as it is for those willing to travel a bit of a distance. It seems word has traveled through the vast frontier since its opening in February.

Our waitress, Jeannette, was a delight. My children even commented on her friendly demeanor. For starters she recommended the Bavarian soft pretzel breadsticks with queso or cheddar cheese.  The menu was almost overwhelming with enough choices to make any cowboy happy. Those with hearty appetites will enjoy ribs or a choice of steak, served with two sides. Other choices include almost any kind of burger and sandwich you can imagine as well as salads, wraps, wings, hot dogs with an in-house made chili sauce, and a large variety of kickin’ chicken chunks. The chunks are cut in house daily from choice tenderloins. For $10.99 I threw caution to the wind and delved into breaded chunks dipped in parmesan herb garlic butter, and then topped with cheddar cheese and bacon.  Even with my cowboy appetite, I was still unable to devour all of my chunks, so I had a delectable lunch the next day.

For your little buckaroos, 10 and under, the Mail Pouch offers eight generous options that include one side, drink, and goldfish for only $3.99. My youngest went for the cheeseburger and fries and my oldest enjoyed a Black Angus chuck-and-sirloin blend burger.  Mmmm, Mmmmm good.You had to roll us out to our wagon when we were done. 

Karen Zickes is a mom of three active children and freelance writer
who resides 
in Holland, OH.
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The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes
To avoid wait: Weekend nights can be busy
Noise level: Moderate to loud on a busy night
Bathroom amenities: Changing station
High chairs? Yes
Got milk? Yes
Kids’ menu? Yes
Food allergy concerns? Always check with your server before ordering to avoid cross contamination.

Bottom Line: If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to step back in time, take a short jaunt to Haskins, Ohio where you’ll find a bit of the wild, wild west in the Midwest. Mail Pouch Saloon will not disappoint on atmosphere, food, and service. Despite the presence of “saloon” in its name, it’s very family friendly and includes Andrew Martin magician on Thursdays and a kids’ menu to more than satisfy your little buckaroos.