Spud Budley’s

8261 Mayberry Square South, 



Sun-Thur: 11am-9pm

Fri-Sat: 11am-10pm

What is foremost on your mind when you hear “huge loaded baked potato?” Spud Budley’s is new on the culinary scene in Sylvania as of late August and is rockin’ loaded potatoes and specialty treats called Sno-Balls. My family along with friends devoured some tasty treats there recently and it wasn’t just dinner; it was a new dining adventure.

Perfecting the potato

Before you abruptly stop reading because you imagine the loaded baked potato busting your diet and you just can’t afford the carbs, I need to enlighten you a bit, just as I have recently been enlightened. Despite Americans’ fear of carbs, they are an essential part of the diet and weight gain is quite simply due to excess calories; not so much the ever-feared carbs. This information and much more can be found on Spud Budley’s website; presumably because owners Richard and Kelly Ruth know consumers might want to be further informed about the fabulous potato. I still wonder if my potato fueled my personal best run the following day.

New Orleans is about more than just Cajun cooking. Spud Budley’s owners Richard and Kelly Ruth have been making trips to New Orleans for years, as Kelly is a New Orleans native. “We go down to New Orleans once or twice a year,” said Richard Ruth who is a physical therapist by trade. “There are potato places like this, but they also do other things,” said Ruth, who loves that they have limited their menu, simply, to baked potato entrees, and the awesome Sno-Balls. 

 At Spud Budley’s, it begins with a one to one-and-a-half pound potato cooked to perfection. Then they load it up in one of twelve different ways. The price range varies from $5.99 to $10.69 (for the potato stuffed with gulf shrimp and blue crab). One of the only non-potato entrees offered is the chilimac, otherwise known as the Original Jack’s Chili. A few options of loaded potatoes include pizza potatoes, taco, veggie, BBQ pork, kielbasa (with the popular Stanley’s Kielbasa), and many more. Ruth said they will switch things up every once in a while and mentioned the possibility of a chicken cordon bleu potato appearing on the menu.    

 Keepin’ our “inner kid” happy

They offer an all-beef hot dog or buttered noodles with or without parmesan if your little ones don’t think they’ll enjoy a potato. However, my youngest loved the Italian potato stuffed with meatballs, red sauce and cheese. His buddy enjoyed the pizza potato. My daughter enjoyed the chilimac and was full after eating just half of the entrée. There is always a doggie bag, or the option to have a couple children split a potato as well. 

 Then there’s the Sno-Ball. “The Sno-Balls are on every street corner in New Orleans,” said Ruth. This frozen treat that comes in over 50 flavors can best be described as light and fluffy; like fresh fallen snow that is then flavored to your liking. You can also “stuff it” and add soft serve vanilla ice cream in the middle. At only $2 for the small, it’s an affordable treat. The “big kids” in our group thoroughly enjoyed their frozen concoction as well.

Not only are potatoes good for you, but Spud Budley’s puts an awesome twist on them. You won’t be able to decide which one to order.

The Short Course

Kid-friendly :Yes

To avoid wait :Anytime

Noise level: Moderate

Bathroom amenities: No changing station 

High chairs: Yes

Got milk: Upon request

Kids’ menu: Yes