Nail Salon Safety

As a birthday treat, Toledo mom Jennifer White took her eight-year-old daughter, Brighten, for a pedicure. They sipped drinks while having their feet massaged and nails painted. White, a hair stylist, knows her way around a salon, and was confident that this salon was clean.

White noticed that metal tools such as nail clippers were soaking in glass jars of disinfectant. The nail technician also opened individually sealed nail files and buffers in front of them.

“I saw an employee drop a towel on the floor, and he picked it up and put it in the dirty towel bin,” said White. “It’s things that like that that you notice.”

If you’re thinking of taking your daughter for a manicure or pedicure, here are some tips from Dr. Jenny Zamor, D.O., of Mercy Women’s Health to ensure a safe visit.

Talk to the nail technician about what services you want to have performed. For example, you can skip the cuticle trim if your child won’t hold still. “You have to have someone who is comfortable around children,” Dr. Zamor said.

“If your child is scared, she won’t be able to hold still.”

Make sure the equipment is clean, and that the technician is using child-size equipment, such as the lightest files and smallest clips. Bring your own tools if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Test the water temperature in foot baths. Have your child do a dip test to make sure that she is comfortable before having her soak her feet.
Check that lotions are hypoallergenic, and choose a time when the salon is less busy so that fumes from acrylic nail applications would be at their lowest. Doing so can help avoid irritants that may bother your child.

Salon treatments are a great time for bonding and togetherness for moms and young girls. By following these guidelines, moms will ensure that the time spent is safe and enjoyable.