Less is more at Simple Natural Deli

Simple Natural Deli
8261 Mayberry Square, Sylvania
​11am-8pm, Monday-Saturday
Closed Sunday



A friend recently suggested we try a new deli in town. The suggestion was met with a bit of reservation. I envisioned hoagie buns and cold sandwiches prepared with little imagination. When I invited friends to join us, I forewarned, “it’s just a sandwich place.” As it turns out, Simple Natural Deli is so much more than “just a sandwich place.” I’m glad I heeded the advice to try it out.

Fresh and flavorful… it’s that simple!

Louis Lake and Bryan Bonfiglio  have over 15 years combined experience in the restaurant industry and they have seen, what Bonfiglio says, is a “change” not a “trend” in the way people are eating. There is a niche in the restaurant industry for people wanting to eat cleaner with less preservatives and healthier produce. 

Simple Natural Deli opened in November in Sylvania’s Mayberry Square, the result of Lake’s and Bonfiglio’s quest to offer people what they want— a healthier dining option that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. They worked tirelessly locating their vendors, many of whom are local. After securing the very best ingredients, they use their creative background to add a twist to the tried and true. Bonfiglio said it best: “Simple, but not traditional.”

All produce is fresh and organic and their meats are all natural and free of preservatives and nitrates. “We’re very transparent in what we do,” boasts Bonfiglio, who says that every ingredient is available at their deli. They offer vegan and vegetarian options and all salads and sandwiches are available gluten free. Knowing the seriousness of cross contamination for those with severe allergies, they have one panini press that is strictly for making gluten free sandwiches. When ordering, make any allergies known, and one person will be dedicated to handling your entire order to be 100% sure there is no cross contamination.

Taste the difference

Sandwiches come with a side of their unique coleslaw or Rue Farms chips. Both options were a hit with my group. Not just any chips, these are made in Ohio using Ohio-grown Russet potatoes and kettle cooked with non-GMO oil and no preservatives or additives. Unlike most kid meals that come with fries, children can choose applesauce or the fabulously flavored Rue chips. For $5, the kids meals also includes an organic juice box or milk, and a grilled cheese, meat and cheese, or PB&J sandwich. That evening the kids kicked back in front of the welcoming fireplace and opted for the chips, juice, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Though my youngest was eating a kids’ meal, I knew the quality of his meal matched that of mine; nothing processed and no additives.

My fellow foodie friends and I loved the half sandwich and half salad option. To warm us up on that bitterly cold evening, we also enjoyed the chicken chili.  My beef and blue sandwich was made with top round beef, balsamic red onions, Point Reyes blue cheese, Dijon aioli, and arugula on ciabatta. The flavors were an outstanding blend. My portobello salad made with fresh spinach, roasted portobellos, and whipped garlic goat cheese was delicious even before I added the organic dressing. 

Other sandwiches include an Italian, pastrami, roasted vegetable, caprese, and Cuban, to name a few. The entrée salads include a chicken Caesar, buffalo chicken which my friend enjoyed because it was made with Sriracha, and also an Italian and chicken salad. My oldest son ventured out of the box trying the club sandwich that included sundried tomato aioli and whipped garlic goat cheese. He ate every morsel and didn’t leave even a bite for mom. The BLT had a twist as well— it included arugula and red pepper aioli. You won’t find Coke or Pepsi at Simple either. If you prefer something other than organic juice or iced tea, they offer Boylan Fountain drinks made with cane sugar and natural flavorings, of course.

My friends and I were happy that owner Louis Lake took the time to share with us so much about their restaurant, their vendors, ingredients, and their all-around practice of offering unique flavors and the very best quality. He spoke with much pride about what they are doing at Simple Natural Deli, and with good reason. 

Karen Zickes is a mom of three active children
and freelance writer who resides in Holland, OH.
She can be reached in c/o editor@toledoparent.com.


The Short Course

 Kid-friendly: Yes

To avoid wait: Go anytime

Noise level: Moderate

Bathroom amenities:  Both men’s and women’s restrooms have changing stations

High chairs? Yes

Got milk?  Yes as well as organic juice and Boylan sodas made with cane sugar

Kids’ menu? Yes, and drink included for $5

Food allergy concerns? Make allergies known when ordering so one person only will take care of your entire order to ensure no cross contamination, many gluten free items available, no peanut oil used.


Bottom Line: Simple Natural Deli believes that less is more. They use only organic produce and the very best all natural meats. It’s a great place to grab a quick lunch or dinner and to feel good about what you and your children are eating.