Bubba’s 33 Scores A Win

Bubba's Aloha Burger and Loaded Fries

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes
To avoid wait: Call ahead seating
Noise level: Loud
Bathroom amenities: Family restroom with changing station
High chairs? Yes
Got milk? Yes
Kids’ menu? Yes
Allergy info? Make your server aware of any allergies at time of ordering

If you’ve been to one sports bar and grill you’ve been to a million. The food is usually lackluster and I leave feeling disappointed with my meal and how much money I spent. I was less than enthused to learn one of the new restaurants that opened on Secor Rd. was another sports bar and grill. Honestly, they are my last choice restaurant, until now. Until Bubba’s 33.

Much to cheer about

Recently my sons and I had a great time and even better meal on a Sunday evening. And it was at a sports bar and grill of all places. Bubba’s 33 opened its first restaurant in 2013, and opened a Toledo location this past June. Canton is home to the only other Ohio location.

It was created by Kent Taylor, who founded Texas Roadhouse Restaurants. The name is a combination of his nickname, Bubba, and the year prohibition ended, 1933. Their catch phrase is “food for all”, and yes, there is something for everyone; and it’s all from scratch. Really.

Inside of Bubba's Restaurant

From the fun atmosphere with attractive sports décor, to wall to wall TVs, (and I mean, wall to wall) friendly staff, great food, and a completely separate garage bar, there is much to cheer about at Bubba’s.

Score! The food is the MVP

Bubba’s has labeled itself as “Pizza. Burgers. Beer.” They hit it out of the park with their incredible (and incredibly large) burgers and hand tossed pizza. But staying true to “food for all”, their sandwich and dinner options are quite good as well.

A friend of mine is part of a “Burger Club”; fun friends who go out for burgers every month. They have tried many and when they raved about Bubba’s heavy hitter burgers, my boys couldn’t slide in fast enough. My youngest somehow put away the entire Aloha burger. I assure you, most adults probably could not finish this–– an Angus patty topped with Hawaiian glaze, Canadian bacon, grilled pineapple, pico de gallo, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. Of course we had to try the loaded fries for only a dollar upcharge, and boy were they good.

My oldest son ordered the bacon and guacamole burger. Their signature beef and bacon grind patty is accompanied with Bubba’s smoked bacon, guacamole, Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. He had their fire fries, and I will warn, they are hot and you may not be able to finish them.

Bubba's California Chicken

I ordered one of their dinners to see if they could deliver beyond burgers. I deserved the penalty box for doubting their culinary prowess. I was pleased with the California chicken and homemade mashed potatoes and a loaded side salad; all for only $10.99. We ordered a kids’ size pizza because “we just had to try it.” However, I felt like I was cheating on my Pizza Posse (a group of pizza aficionados who visit pizzerias). Sometime soon the Pizza Posse will return and try Bubba’s delish hand tossed pizzas. And yes, for your little league, the kids’ menu has six options for only $3.99-$5.99 drink included. The fun menus will keep them occupied for a bit as well.

A grand slam family atmosphere

I must add a disclaimer. As you might guess, with a restaurant that has wall to wall TVs, it is loud and yes, your children will be glued to the various games being televised at any given time. But that is obviously part of the reason you go to a place like this. So break the no TV at dinner rule and let them enjoy it.

The concept of a garage bar separate from the dining room is a real game changer. A fun and lively bar area that is completely separate from the family dining room makes this truly a family friendly restaurant and a win-win for everyone.

Bottom Line:

I assure you Bubba’s 33 will be a winner with your whole team. Gather the crew and head out for a fun and entertaining meal. The atmosphere, staff, and from scratch menu will have everyone cheering ‘homerun!’ The separate garage bar is a fun option for adults gathering for a game, yet keeps the dining room family friendly. Take advantage of their call ahead seating to limit idle wait time with the little ones! Also note: they are not open for lunch Monday-Thursday.

Bubba’s 33
3534 Secor Rd. | Toledo 43606
Mon-Thur: 4p.m.-11p.m. | Fri-Sat: 11a.m.-11p.m.
Sun: 11a.m.-11p.m.
419-531-1133 | www.bubbas33.com