TutorSmart Helps Bridge the Educational Gap

A tutor working with a kid.

TutorSmart is an education support service that aims to help children in grades 1-8 who fall behind in the  classroom. Unlike other programs, TutorSmart offers a data-driven curriculum in math and reading with small group or 1:1 virtual tutoring that goes beyond homework assistance. Most tutoring is done on a Toledo Public Schools campus by educators and hired tutors, and each session comes with a hot meal or breakfast. You can also take a session in different libraries throughout Toledo. 

A child working on homework.

TutorSmart has been serving students for seven years, starting with just two schools in 2017. The program went virtual during the pandemic, opening up new opportunities and leading to eleven post-pandemic schools. TutorSmart focuses on lifting students to their actual grade level and giving them the tools to maintain that level of learning. This not only boosts their confidence but also improves their skills. It can be tough to watch your child struggle with their assignments, and with families already stretched thin due to the economy, TutorSmart provides relief in the form of free tutoring. 

TutorSmart award-winning action plan

TutorSmart noticed that despite more than 120 organizations providing tutoring services throughout Toledo, students’ education scores were not increasing. This was because most of the assistance provided was limited to homework help, which didn’t effectively address the underlying skill gaps that prevent students from mastering their subjects. To address this issue, TutorSmart aimed to implement changes that would enhance the quality of a tutoring service in Greater Toledo, ultimately resulting in improved education scores across the board. 

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TutorSmart boasts an impressive 99% success rate in helping children achieve their grade-level reading  and math skills in just six months. It’s no wonder that in October 2023, The Greater Toledo Community Foundation recognized and awarded TutorSmart for Excellence in Strategic Action. This prestigious award celebrates organizations that expand their programming or switch to a new service delivery model to meet their community’s needs better. 

How it works

To get started, you can register your child through the website. Once registered, students will take a diagnostic test showing where each child stands academically. TutorSmart then  collaborates with TPS, teachers, and even school psychologists to offer the best possible support to  students. Once sites and schedules are determined, students will receive individual and small group tutoring, help with homework on an ongoing basis and have access to learning activities and computer enrichment exercises during after-school hours.  

Virtual tutoring may be available for certain students during the school year, which is assessed on an individual basis.  

Programs run from August until the last week of the school year. During the summer, 4th-8th grade is offered virtual 1:1 tutoring, and it’s all on their schedule; TutorSmart recognizes the busy summer schedules families can keep with extracurriculars, parents/caregivers working and vacations. 

Upcoming events

TutorSmart, a nonprofit organization, is funded by individual donors, corporations, grants, and fundraisers such as this August’s golf outing.

The third annual charity golf scramble will be held at the Valleywood Golf Club on August 16. More information on registering to play in the golf scramble can be found  on the TutorSmart website.  With your help, TutorSmart can continue to keep this amazing program free for families!