Trip’n Biscuits food truck offers Southern comfort food on the go

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The Short Course

Kid-friendly? Yes.
Carryout? Yes.
Online Ordering? No.
Delivery? No, but they offer custom event catering packages.
Outdoor Dining? Yes.
Got milk? No. They offer water, Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, and both sweet and unsweet teas.
Kids’ menu? No, but they are willing to customize if you ask.

‘Tis the season for outdoor dining, and Toledo boasts an impressive variety of roaming restaurants offering diverse foods from their takeout windows. 

A recent addition to Toledo’s thriving food truck scene is Trip’n Biscuits, a mobile restaurant serving up “far out biscuit sammies,” “out of sight biscuit plates” and other Southern comfort food favorites. Everything at Trip’n Biscuits is made from scratch, and the biscuits are baked daily. 

Margaux and Will Ford started the business last July as a vehicle for sharing the flavors of Will’s childhood with Northwest Ohio. “My husband (Will) is from Tennessee, so a lot of the recipes we use are either family recipes or inspired by Southern cooking, with some more modern influences,” Margaux explains. 

My family found Trip’n Biscuits parked at a school carnival on a warm late spring evening, and I chatted with Margaux about the business while her energetic two-year-old bounced around outside the truck. While their son is not yet allowed on board, he visits his parents at work often and his mother said she hopes that makes good memories for him growing up around lots of food and fun events.

Inclusive menu, local ingredients

The Midwest Rancher included fried chicken topped with bacon, a thick slice of white cheddar, tomato and lettuce on a buttermilk biscuit.

Families searching for gluten friendly, vegan or vegetarian options might not expect to find them at a biscuits and gravy joint, but Trip’n Biscuits strives to offer something for everyone. “We really wanted to have an inclusive menu,” said Margaux. “We have family members that are vegan and gluten-free, so that was part of the inspiration.”

“Gluten-friendly” biscuits are available for an upcharge of $1.50. Vegan and vegetarian friendly options are clearly marked on the menu, which also flags items that may contain nuts for those with allergies. 

Trip’n Biscuits is committed to supporting and partnering with other local businesses and features honey from Ramge Acres of Perrysburg, eggs from Weber Ranch in Wayne, and Pantless Jams made in Toledo that are free of preservatives, dyes and additives.

Fresh and filling 

Everyone in my family was eager to sample from a menu centered heavily around biscuits, bacon, eggs and fried chicken.

I ordered the Midwest Rancher, which included a generous portion of fried chicken topped with bacon, a thick slice of white cheddar, tomato and lettuce nestled on a buttermilk biscuit. At my request, the sandwich was served without the standard house pickle ranch sauce. 

The sandwich exceeded the height of its styrofoam takeout container once I restacked its elements, and I ended up tackling it with a knife and fork after the biscuit crumbled apart in the first few bites. The fried chicken was cooked to perfection with a crispy coating on the outside and tender, white meat on the inside.  It was filling and far less greasy than I would have expected. The biscuits are slightly salty with a dense, crumbly texture. 

My husband went with the vegetarian Shroom Biscuits and Groovy, and he loved the flavor of the mushroom gravy served over biscuits. 

My seven-year-old ordered the meatier version, the Sausage Biscuits and Groovy topped with two fried eggs. When she opened the takeout container she looked nervous, but soon she was raving about how delicious it was and even declared that the eggs were better than any she had ever tasted. She insisted on saving the leftovers to finish the next day. 

My less adventurous 11-year-old ordered a biscuit with a side of bacon to assemble his own sandwich, and he deemed it a filling and tasty combination. His 10-year-old brother enjoyed the Flower Child, a kid-friendly PB&J on a biscuit. 

We all agreed the fresh, hand-cut funky fries were delicious, and two orders were ample to feed our family of five. I personally preferred the fries to the Space Spuds cheesy potato bites. The Spuds’ crispy fried coating to potato ratio was a bit too high for my taste.

Custom orders

Will Ford serves a customer at Trip’n Biscuits.

Trip’n Biscuits does not have a kids menu, but Margaux said they are willing to adapt their menu offerings, cut chicken into bite-sized pieces or create special orders such as chicken and fries at a customer’s request. “We know how kids like their food,” she said. 

“If it’s not crazy, we’ll do anything custom,” she added. “We have a lot of fun with that. We have a secret menu on our Instagram stories and we put up photos of things that customers come up with.” She said they also enjoy creating different seasonal entrees and desserts.

Bottom Line:

Trip’n Biscuits is a food truck offering fresh, delicious fare at affordable prices and its menu includes gluten friendly, vegan and vegetarian entrees. It’s also a family-owned business with a commitment to the local community they serve. If you enjoy Southern comfort food, we recommend tracking them down at a festival or other event this summer! Follow them on social media and check out for their upcoming locations. 

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