Solace Health & Wellness Opens in Downtown Toledo

All Your Healthcare Services In One Location

The brand-new headquarters of Solace Health & Wellness, 137 N. Michigan St. in downtown Toledo’s Davis Building.

Did you ever wish for a place that could connect you to resources for all your healthcare needs? From primary medical and prenatal care to every associated medical and mental health service — everything you could possibly need in one place? 

Your wish has been granted, thanks to Solace Health and Wellness in downtown Toledo. Solace provides sexual and reproductive health, along with a wellness and justice space for “every person with a uterus, at every stage of her life,” says proprietor Erin Marten.  

At a time in the U.S. when women’s healthcare and wellness services are a hot topic and services could become more limited, Solace is expanding wellness options, as well as connecting clients to other services around the community.

Stopping ‘doorknob’ moments
“We are the caretakers of our communities, and we have to help our communities navigate the healthcare system,” Marten said. A midwife in a rewarding career, Marten became increasingly frustrated with the structure of the healthcare system that allows her only 15 minutes with a client. “I would find myself more and more having ‘doorknob’ moments — when a client discloses something, and I don’t have the time to really help her out.”

By providing wraparound, collaborative services, Solace can offer healthcare that is equitable for all people and accessible for people who might not otherwise easily acquire it, such as low-income or LGBTQ communities. 

Navigating programs from prenatal to mental health

Solace Health & Wellness Director Erin Marten (left) and Assistant Director BreAnn Nelson.

The U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion promotes that the well-being of mothers, infants and children determines the health of the next generation, along with predicting future public health challenges for families, communities and the health care system. Increased access to quality healthcare before, during and after pregnancy can reduce maternal and infant mortality, while increasing healthy birth outcomes and enabling children to reach their full potential.

“There has to be a better way to improve outcomes for maternal health in a supportive environment,” Marten said. Solace provides healthcare services, educational opportunities, comprehensive social and personal support, along with advocacy on behalf of the community. 

Marten and her Assistant Director BreAnn Nelson, MSW, are offering a variety of programs from their base in the Davis Building downtown (137 N. Michigan St.). Currently they’re providing:

  • Monthly self-defense classes based on defending against sexual assault and safety for the transgender or biracial community
  • Sistah Circles, a space for Black women to “let our hair down, embrace ourselves and affirm one another”
  • Financial wellness classes

Also in the works are prenatal and parenting programs, such as childbirth classes that are gender affirming and low cost, Doula program development, and support groups for new parents. They’re currently developing support programs around fertility and pregnancy loss, a wide range of mental health programs and social health navigation services. And they are collaborating with other health care providers to access services.

“We encourage everyone to connect with us,” said Marten. “We can help people navigate these tough times.”

Solace is raising funds for program development and collaboration. Donations can be made on the Solace Health and Wellness Facebook page or by texting solacehealth to 44321. You can also connect with them about their services by calling 419-214-9046.

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