Ohio players rank Clue most popular board game

Ohio gamers love to solve mysteries with their family, as a recent survey by the website SolitaireBliss.com has revealed that the classic murder mystery game Clue is the state’s most popular board game.

The site came to its conclusions after an analysis of nearly 10,000 Google search terms and a survey of over 1,000 Americans in an effort to determine the most popular titles. Card games were excluded from the statistics, and “games like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity were also not part of the analysis,” the website stated, with no reasoning given.

Ohio joined Illinois in ranking Clue as its most popular board game, while our neighbors to the east in Pennsylvania prefer the train-route claiming fun of Ticket to Ride and Indiana to the west likes rolling the dice with Yahtzee. Michigan, meanwhile, is all about building settlements with the game Catan.

Leading the pack is that old favorite Chess, with six different states across the country ranking it highest— perhaps bolstered by the popular Netflix drama The Queen’s Gambit. Checkers also has proven to have enduring popularity, with four different states— all in the south— ranking it highest.

Originally named Cluedo in its native England (a combination of the words “clue” and “ludo,” the latter being Latin for “I play”), Clue was invented during World War II by musician and factory worker Anthony Pratt. The game has proved enduringly popular over the decades and provided the inspiration for additional game variations, TV shows, a musical and a cult-favorite movie version.

For more information about the Solitaire Bliss survey, visit their website.

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