A Healthier Way to Take in the Rays

The next time you lather on sunscreen protection from the sun’s harmful rays, consider what you’re putting on your, or your child’s skin. Recent research has revealed potential dangers from the chemical components of commercial sunscreen.

Tamara Willingham, owner of Tamara TMC, in Maumee, Ohio, offers a healthier choice of sun protection, mineral sunscreen. “The idea with mineral sunscreens is to stay away from hormone disruptors because those chemicals are known to cause an imbalance in our bodies,” Tamara said. “We carry a handful of (sunscreen) lines that are safe for children, I put them on my own children.”

While conventional wisdom taught us to lather it on like paint to prevent the sun’s warm rays from harming our skin, modern ideas encourage us to get what the sun offers us— Vitamin D— in a healthy way.

Mineral and chemical

There are essentially two types of sunscreens; mineral and chemical. Chemical sunscreens can contain harmful components like, avobenzone, oxybenzone or octocrylene. These types of chemicals have proven to cause hormone imbalances and disrupt your body’s neurotransmitters.

“There’s quite a bit of research to state there is a higher risk of skin cancer with the use of chemical sunscreens,” Tamara said. “They’re actually disrupting our neurotransmitters (hormones). That’s how we regulate our bodies. We are organisms. We are humans and we tend to forget that.”

As a mother of four, Tamara’s mineral sunscreen inspiration stems from the safety of her own family.

“I know I don’t want to put chemical hormone disruptors on my skin or on my child,” Tamara said.

Tamara is passionate about the safety and protection of families, as well as the environment. The chemicals found in commercial sunscreens are extremely toxic to coral reefs, particularly affecting the algae.

“The mineral sunscreens we carry here are high quality,” Tamara said. “They’re safe. There are no chemicals in them. They’re safe for the environment and they’re safe for you.”. Super Salve Sunscreen, Babo, Mychelle, and Goddess Garden are all mineral based.

Benefits from the sun

Although the sun is something to be cautious with, your body needs it. “It’s important for people to actually get the sunlight without sunscreen,” Tamara said. “You need to get 10-15 minutes every day throughout the entire summer without sunscreen on. It’ll make a huge difference in your body being able to synthesize vitamin D. We need the sun, you just can’t overdo it.”

Prepare yourself for a fun-filled summer of outdoor activities and long days at the pool, with natural sun protection methods. Seek shade when you need to. Find a chic sun hat to impress the neighbors while protecting your face. Wear sun-clothes, and don’t forget to re-apply sunscreen.

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