Tomie dePaola’s Strega Nona


Adapted from Tomie dePaola’s Caldecott Award-winning book, Strega Nona is the musical tale of a friendly magical witch who strives to cure everyday ills in her tiny Italian town of Calabria. The town faces real problems when Big Anthony uses a magical spell from Strega Nona’s cookbook for selfish means. When Anthony fools with the magic pasta pot and can’t turn it off, the whole town could be engulfed by pasta — unless Strega Nona can save the day. With an energetic and tuneful musical score, this fantastical tale teaches that witches can be good and that you can’t judge a pot by its pasta. 10am and 12:15pm. Recommended for grades 1-4. $7. The Franciscan Center of Lourdes College, 6832 Convent Blvd, Sylvania.