June 2018 Masthead: Pregnancy Cravings—What Were They or What Would They Be?

Publisher/Editor in Chief Collette Jacobs: HUSH PUPPIES at RED LOBSTER.

Co-publisher/Chief Financial Officer Mark I. Jacobs: Rogan gosht, Indian Spicy.

Editorial Assignment Editor Kimberly Feldkamp: Olives and BBQ chips.

Associate Editor Athena Cocoves: Cherry pie and olives.

Calendar Courtney Probert: Pickles and cream cheese.

Art Production Manager Imani Lateef: Oreo’s.

Senior Designer Leah Foley: FRESH Fruit and Peanut Butter.

Graphic Designer Anita Tipton: Chocolate.

Graphic Designer Kelli Miller: Tacos.

Graphic Designer Norwin Lopez: Mangos.

Sales Coordinator Jenny Leach: Pickles & Peanut Butter.

Classifieds Catherine Bohr: Chocolate chip cookies.

Account Exec Amy Ressler Rough: Spinach and GoldStar chili.

Account Exec Bonnie Hunter: Lemon Custard Ice Cream.

Account Exec Kathleen Dewar: Canadian BEER.

Account Exec Suzanne Bell: Strawberry milkshake.

Account Exec Brittany Stahl: Everything you’re not allowed to eat.

Account Exec Katie Emans: Milk, ramen noodles and turkey.

Accounting Robin Armstrong: Bagels and cream cheese, still is.

Distribution Leslie Krasniewski: Pudding and orange juice.

Digital Tech Manager Saul Jacobs: Burritos.

Web Guru Deanna Woods: Grapes.

Contributing Writers: Brad Augustyniak, Athena Cocoves, Lauren Cormier, Sarah Emily, Erin Holden, Kimberly Feldkamp, Kate Ingersoll, Erin Marsh, Emily Remaklus, Karen Zickes.

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