April Kids Book Giveaway: Ages 3-12

We’re giving away five books for kids ages 3 to 12! Click the links to learn more about them, and enter to win until May 1.


Encyclopedia of Animals by Jules Howard (Ages 3-10)
This illustrated encyclopedia has more than 500 creatures from 300 species within its bright pages!



The Secret Agent Training Manual by Elizabeth Singer Hunt (Ages 7-12)
For kids who are interested in learning how to become spies, this nonfiction book will teach them how to make their own invisible ink, create codes that they can use to communicate with fellow spy friends, and more.



My Epic Life Dictionary by Mrs. Wordsmith (Ages 4-8)
With over 1,000 words for kids to learn, this book covers all realms of interest, and it contains funny illustrations to keep your kids engaged!



Knights Club: The Message of Destiny by Shuky, Waltch, and Novy (Ages 8-12)
Knights Club is an interactive graphic novel that involves collecting magical cards, creating your own character, solving puzzles, and all sorts of fun that will keep your child’s brain active.



Who’s Your Daddy? By Lisa and Missy Harper (Ages 4-8)
The main character in this book, Missy, is a Haitian child who was adopted at a young age. This book explores what it means to have a family, as well as a message from a Christian perspective about what it means to have a father.