New Bistro, More Than A Curious Name

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes.
To avoid wait: Anytime.
Noise level: Quiet to moderate.
Bathroom: No changing station.
High chairs? Yes.
Got milk? Yes, and a variety of juices and smoothies.
Kids’ menu? Yes.
Allergy Information: Menu is marked for what contains nuts etc. but always alert the staff prior to ordering to have your food prepared separately.

OK, I won’t lie. I was most intrigued by one of Toledo’s newest restaurants solely because it had a curious name. I am willing to bet most of you don’t know Bite Me Twice is a Mediterranean bistro. And it is a very flavorful one at that. If you like Mediterranean food you will enjoy Bite Me Twice. If you have never tried Mediterranean food, then maybe it’s time you do.

Lebanon roots

A recent Saturday afternoon I was out for a late lunch with my older two kids. We were craving Mediterranean and were most curious about Bite Me Twice. You may remember Aladdin’s that was on Talmadge near the mall. Bite Me Twice owner Nick Chamoun owned that Mediterranean franchise for 10 years. And prior to his Toledo franchise, Chamoun lived in Boston where he landed after he emigrated from Lebanon by himself at age 18. Wow. I don’t know a lot of 18-year-olds that would be so adventurous!

Bite Me Twice sign

After owning Aladdin’s for 10 years Chamoun was anxious to open his own place and prepare his own dishes with his very own recipes. “I cook differently from traditional Lebanese,” he said. You will always see Nick when you stop in, and chances are he’ll be the first to greet you. Chamoun is very hands on at his restaurant. “I do the prep myself to keep everything consistent,” said Chamoun. His mantra is ‘Eat healthy, live well!’ He is very personable and made us feel right at home.

Flavorful, fresh, and lots to choose from

Chamoun believes in feeling good about what you’re eating. Bite Me Twice is all about whole grains, lean proteins, lots of vegetables and, of course, olive oil, a few of his favorite ingredients.

The menu has options ranging from soups to an array of Mediterranean appetizers that you might expect (and some you wouldn’t) to fresh salads and the specialty plates that you know and love, like beef kafta and shish tawook. They offer a wide selection of smoothies and I can’t forget to mention the delectable desserts.

I enjoyed the shish tawook with tahini sauce. The grilled chicken tenders were excellent and were served with brown rice with vermicelli, fried pine nuts and almonds, and a faint taste of cinnamon. They offer a large selection of rolled and lightly toasted pitas, filled with a variety of combinations. My kids enjoyed the Baba Tabouli Garden Rolled Pita and the Hummus Falafel Rolled Pita. At only $5.99 each, I thought they were a great deal. Of course we all shared tabouli and hummus as well, and I let my son splurge with one of their Mango Tango Smoothies.

Bite Me Twice homemade cake and cheesecake

The other splurge was the delicious peanut butter checkerboard cake and toffee cheesecake. Chamoun’s cousin in Cleveland makes all his desserts and they are worth every single calorie. If you have younger ones in tow who may not be adventurous eaters, they offer a kids’ menu with the usual kid fare such as grilled chicken tenders, grilled cheddar cheese pita or cheese pizza, served with fruit or brown rice. If your little one insists on fries, they offer those too.

Bottom Line:

More than just a curious name, Bite Me Twice is a Mediterranean bistro located in the Bancroft Village strip mall at the corner of Bancroft and Holland-Sylvania— you could easily drive right by and miss it. The food is fresh and flavorful and prepared by owner Nick Chamoun who is passionate about what he makes and serves to his customers. Families will enjoy a wonderful meal in a relaxed atmosphere while feeling right at home. Ahalan Wa Sahlan! “You’re like family.”

Bite Me Twice
2007 N. Holland-Sylvania Toledo
Mon-Thur: 11a.m.-9p.m. | Fri-Sat: 11a.m.-10p.m.
567-318-5552 |

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