Local Author’s Special Characters for Every Child

by Lindsey Self

Sparking a love for reading 

As a kid, Kristin Winovich wanted to be an Art Director, just like her mom. She began working towards that goal, becoming a graphic designer for North Design in Toledo after graduating from Bowling Green State University.  Winovich has now gone on to put her artistic and creative energy into a project that benefits children all over the globe.

Creating Koobville

It took over ten years to get the Koobville characters on paper, but Winovich hasn’t slowed since. “It fills my soul,” Winovich said about being an author and illustrator. “When I am writing or illustrating, I feel like I am on a rainbow road. It is addicting, actually, the excitement when creative energy flows through your mind out into the physical world.” 

Koobville is filled with friendly monsters who, while different from each other, share a love of reading. The third book in the series, Home in Koobville, released recently, touches on life during quarantine. 

Winovich believes “strongly that there is a hole in the universe waiting to be filled by Koobville. Koobville is a special place because there is a character for everyone.” Winovich places illustrations throughout the books to “plant a seed for reading in young minds.” While Koobville is located “in the valley of your imagination,” the series can be found on Amazon. Signed copies can be purchased directly from the website