Imagination Station presents some Stay at Home Science

. April 4, 2020.

For over a decade, the Imagination Station has enthralled and inspired families around the Glass City area with its enlightening look at science for the curious of all ages. Though the center may be closed due to COVID-19, the thirst for knowledge never ends. So the Imagination Station is encouraging kids of all ages to try some Stay at Home Science.

The new program, hosted on both the Imagination Station website and Facebook page, brings viewers some easy-to-try experiments for young science students with videos hosted by team members of the Station.

The website currently hosts pages dedicated to the creation of aluminum boats, demonstrating how the density of material impacts its ability to float, as well as making oobleck, a viscous, sticky substance that can display the characteristics of both a liquid and a solid.

In addition, the Station’s Facebook page offers links to fun projects hosted on external sites, such as creating a model of the Earth’s layers and building structures out of household materials like uncooked spaghetti.

The Stay at Home Science videos are free for anyone to view, though the Station does accept donations from anyone who can give on their website.