Brunch for the Babies Supports Animals

Is there anything more adorable than baby animals? Few things rival these sweet animals with specific needs, and Nature’s Nursery wants to help support baby animals however it can.

In honor of baby animal season at Nature’s Nursery, the business will host a special brunch fundraiser on Saturday, May 13 from 9 am to 12:30 pm at Barr’s Public House, 3355 Briarfield Boulevard in Maumee.

Partnering with Barr’s and Driven Fitness Studio, Nature’s Nursery will use this brunch as an opportunity to help the community learn more about local wildlife babies.

A baby opossum.
Baby opossums are one kind of animal that needs help.

Every year, thousands of orphaned wild baby animals are admitted to Nature’s Nursery Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Waterville. Animals like bunnies, squirrels, opossums, birds and more are cared for by the staff and generous volunteers until they can be safely released back into the wild.

“Each orphaned animal has different needs by species,” Allison Aey, Nature’s Nursery executive director, said. “The cost to care for each one can range from $60 to over $1,000 from admission to release.”

Because these animals have such big needs, the fundraiser will raise money for procuring the animals’ supplies, as well as a specific and expensive wildlife formula the babies require.

“This fundraiser will help us to raise money for the formula and other needs for our tiniest wildlife guests at the center” said Aey.

A baby animal
You can make a reservation to help support these baby animals.

Adults and kids alike are welcome, and can enjoy a full brunch menu as well as drink specials, table crafts, raffles, animal education resources and more. When finished eating, guests are invited to walk to Driven Fitness Studio to visit in person with Nature’s Nursery Animal Education Ambassadors.

Guests are required to make a reservation by calling Barr’s Public House at 419-866-8466. Attendees are also encouraged to check out the “baby registry” and bring a gift or two for the animals like jars of food, receiving blankets, plain Pedialyte, cage bedding and cleaning supplies.

If you can’t make the brunch on Saturday, May 13, you can still help the baby animals online at

For more information, contact Nature’s Nursery Executive Director Allison Aey through email at or by telephone at 419-344-2988. To learn more about Nature’s Nursery, visit

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