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Maker-Minded – Raising DIY Kids

When your electronic gadgets break, does your tween fix them? Do you have a child that builds elaborate housing for pets and dolls out of scraps of craft materials and cardboard boxes? Maybe you’re...

What To Do When The School Wants To Remove IEP Service

When the school recommends removing your child’s IEP services, here are some suggestions to follow:

Efficacy of School Intervention Teams: TPS Director of Students explains

Image by: Toledo Public Schools By Mark Jacobs Beth Barrow, Toledo Public Schools (TPS) Executive Director of Students, assigns a grade to K-12 on the benefits and efficacy of the TPS intervention actions to assist at-risk...

Benefits of Learning Sign Language

By Lindsey Melden and Erin Schoen MarshCOVID has presented many problems for the educational community, but one rising trend is the teaching of languages in virtual and homeschooling situations. Parents who have always wished...

The Avalon Foundation

Kids Caring For Kids with rare diseases When Avalon Budd was 10 years old, she began a treatment for an extremely rare metabolic disease called Hypophosphatasia (HPP), commonly known as “soft bones.”Avalon had been living...
Interoception and Sensory Processing

My Journey with Interoception and Sensory Processing

As a 27-year-old self-advocate with autism, I have the opportunity to travel to conferences and learn about breakthrough research. In 2015, Kelly Mahler, an occupational therapist (OT), and Brenda Myles shared something in a session I’d never heard of: interoception. I started thinking about my own life and connecting what they were saying to my everyday experiences. I finally had a name for something that impacted my life daily.