United Through Reading launches Operation Storytime

United Through Reading is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to keeping military families connected through reading. By developing a library of storytime video recordings and sending books to military families, United Through Reading helps strengthen emotional closeness and early literacy among families who spend time apart from each other to serve the country. 

To further this commitment to helping connect military families through reading, United Through Reading recently launched a campaign called “Operation Storytime” to celebrate Month of the Military Child in April. 

Supported by a $1 million pledge from the Reader’s Digest Foundation, Operation Storytime is a three-year campaign that will work to fulfill four different literacy missions: read, reconnect, ready, and reach. CEO of United Through Reading, Tim Ferrell, expanded on what these missions represent, stating, “Operation Storytime will help children read every day, unite military families, enable us to impact underserved members of the military community, and support our service members and our nation.” 

Operation Storytime will begin with a project called “Book for the Military Child,” in which members of the military community will be encouraged to read the same book to honor military children around the world. The specific book selected for this project is The Kissing Hand, which shares a message about family connectedness. United Through Reading has predicted that over the course of Book for the Military Child, over $13,000 copies of The Kissing Hand will be supplied to military families. 

The ability of United Through Reading to have such a widespread impact on military families is possible through the organization’s digital and physical presence—this includes a free and secure reading app, as well as the more than 400 United Through Reading recording locations worldwide. 

The reach of United Through Reading has also been expanded through the help of supporters such as Carter’s Charitable Foundation, which is supporting distribution of 5,000 copies of the Book for the Military Child, as well as volunteers. To learn more about United Through Reading and how you can support military families, visit the organization’s website here.

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