Kids Astrology: Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

For your Sagittarius child 2023 is going to be an extraordinary birthday because your little one wants you to be involved. You’ll find a curiosity coming from your child about family history. 

If your child is over the age of three, the planet Mars was over Pluto connected to their Sun Sign and was clouding their ability to feel like they belong, so they created their own stories. Most of them felt the way Pluto feels: very cold and isolated. The good news is that this aspect has finally moved away, giving them a sense of relief. 

This is why your child may have sometimes separated themselves, or had anxiety or anger in the past, because they felt boxed in, and their emotions felt trapped. Sharing stories about family members will anchor them in the self-esteem they need. Be prepared, because they will want to know more! 

If you have a child over four, that child may sometimes have insecure feelings and be afraid of being abandoned. Belonging is what they came here to learn. This is a decisive year in helping them feel how much they are loved and belong. 

For a gift, buy them something that you know they’ve been wanting to try. It will feel special because it will show that you remember what is important to them. Their sense of belonging will blossom as you’re helping them write their story and adding to your family history.