Doona’s SensAlert System Helps Reduce Incidence of Unattended Kids in Vehicles

In April, Doona™ USA launched its SensAlert product, which is currently the only car seat solution that uses three alert levels to reduce the rates of children being left unattended in vehicles. 

SensAlert is a first product in the company’s new DoonaLab category, which has a goal of implementing new ideas for design, technology, and innovation to improve the lives of parents and caregivers. 

Doona’s SensAlert system is cloud-based, which means the alerts function independently of the phone’s wireless signal strength. The tangible products that enable the SensAlert system are a soft, padded sensor that works with most car-seat designs, and an easy-to-use app that can be shared by up to three users. The first signal is an alert notification to a caregiver’s phone; if the first alarm does not receive a response from the caregiver, the second tier alert is a call to the caregiver’s phone. The final alert style consists of a message (including the location of the vehicle) and a call that is sent to five pre-determined contacts. 

Yoav Mazar, the founder of Doona, shared that the company is “thrilled to be able to introduce a solution that provides real peace of mind to parents everywhere.” Inspired by Mazar’s wish to create a safe environment for his newborn despite the challenges posed by impractical car seats and strollers, Doona’s SensAlert system represents another step in the company’s mission to  market products positively impact current-day parenting without compromising on integrated functionality, quality, safety and design.

To learn more about Doona and the SensAlert system, please visit this link: SensAlert.

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