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Childcare & preschool guide

We compiled a list of some of the best local centers and schools that will
allow your child to learn independence and flourish in a school setting.

Head of the Class

Our area is teeming with great and unique schools. guaranteed to meet the needs of your students. Meet local leaders as they share their visions, inspirations and for the new year. Lynn Fisher, Head of the School West Side Montessori  What sets West Side Montessori (WSM) apart from other schools in the community? (Our) philosophy

Safe Sweet Dreaming: Keeping newborns safe while they sleep

As a pregnant woman, it’s hard to miss the new safe sleep recommendations for infants; signs are plastered in OB offices, Labor and Delivery wings, and pediatric centers. Hospitals require new moms to watch a video on safe sleeping practices before they head home. Following the ABCs— Alone, on Back, in a Crib—drastically reduces the

Moving Past Labels: Addressing Special Needs in Order to Move Forward

When I pick up our three-year-old son from the fitness center childcare, I frequently hear something along the lines of “Dexter was great again today! He played, helped out and was just overall easy!” As a parent, these positive reports are welcomed. A year ago, however, this was not the case. When I was pregnant