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A light a Lake

On October 22, during the Lake Flyers home football game, Lake High School Students in Action and Leadership Toledo announced the first quarter Youth Jefferson Award winners. Two Lake High School students, freshman David Henninger and senior Kaysie Brittenham, were awarded the national Youth Jefferson for their involvement in service and leadership initiatives. Henninger was

A sea of red at St. Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales celebrated Red Ribbon Week with a series of events that reminded students about substance-free lifestyles. Pledge Day began the week by encouraging students to make a pledge about their commitment to healthy living. Students pledged to stay drug, alcohol and tobacco free, or had the option to discuss improvements they could

Not so thick-headed

As football season draws to a close and hockey skates begin to hit the ice, safety begins from inside the helmet. According to the The University of Michigan Health Systems, sports injuries can be prevented, even predicted. “The use of helmets is essential even for recreational skating,” said Nick Vitucci, head coach of the Toledo

Advances in autism

Views of developmental disorders are always changing, as are their treatments. The Autism Society of Northwest Ohio presents a workshop, Recent Advances in Understanding and Treating Autisms: Research That Matters for Caregivers and Affected Individuals, this December. The workshop, presented by Thomas Frazier Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, will benefit caregivers, parents, educators, therapists and others

Improving total fitness

The Perceptual Motor Development Program has been a pillar of support for special needs children in Toledo since 1975. “It’s been an affordable program for parents of special needs children in Toledo,” said Jackie Wilkins, Director of the PMD program. Run by the Kinesiotherapy Rehabilitation and Research Center at the University of Toledo, the program

a simple cure

Each year, children line up in front of school nurses to be examined for head lice. While reliable data on how many infestations occur each year is unavailable, there are an estimated six to 12 million occurrences every year in children ages three to 11. The most common way to develop head lice is by