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My Journey with Interoception and Sensory Processing

As a 27-year-old self-advocate with autism, I have the opportunity to travel to conferences and learn about breakthrough research. In 2015, Kelly Mahler, an occupational therapist (OT), and Brenda Myles shared something in a session I’d never heard of: interoception. I started thinking about my own life and connecting what they were saying to my everyday experiences. I finally had a name for something that impacted my life daily.

Fireworks Round Up

From cannonball contests to fireworks, there’s something about summer that makes us all feel like a kid. Watch the sky light up with dynamic, colorful displays during these Independence Day firework celebrations. Saturday, July 1 Oregon As part of BoomFest, which includes live music, a car show, activities for kids, food and drinks. German American

From my Perspective: Living with Autism

I am a young adult who has autism and I work as an autism advocate. I am on a mission to teach what autism is like from my perspective to help others better understand autism. It is important to remember that each person with autism, like all people, is unique. Sometimes, autism makes certain things