The Children’s Rights Collaborative is Especially Grateful this Year 

By Jessica Hover, ProMedica Senior Specialist Public Relations

2020 has been a disrupted year in so many aspects. Children’s rights collaborative (CRC) of northwest Ohio had its own share of disruptions, including a 30 percent reduction in volunteers and loss of access to the facility it used for more than 20 years.

Children’s rights collaborative of northwest Ohio provides safe and secure visitation and exchange services for families experiencing separation because of divorce or family break-up. These visits and exchanges are court-mandated and facilitated by a trained CRC volunteer.

Mark Lloyd, executive director of CRC, expresses more gratitude than dismay for the disruptions of 2020. “We are currently serving about 150 people, which translates to about 40 families and 80 children. Our work in ensuring that children can continue important relationships with custodial and non-custodial parents is more important now than ever. We get the privilege of seeing families connect peacefully and meaningfully.”

When the covid-19 pandemic became widespread, many facilities needed to close their doors and restrict visitors. This was the situation with CRC. The facility it used for many years restricted access and eliminated visitor access. Considering the nature of the services CRC provides, this change threatened the organization’s ability to continue to operate during the pandemic.

According to Lloyd, “While disappointing at first, this quickly turned into a positive situation. ProMedica allowed us to use a wonderful facility that was vacant without any cost to us. It is safe and secure with access to transportation and in a great location to serve the community.”

At the new location, CRC has been able to continue visitation services for its children. To do so safely during the pandemic, the organization requires visitors to adhere to preventive actions that help to prevent the spread of covid-19, including wearing masks and social distancing.

CRC has multiple needs in these challenging times. According to Lloyd, “We need people who care about the welfare of children to serve on our board. And, in addition, like all not-for-profit organizations in the age of coronavirus, we need to find new sources of financial support that enable us to continue serving the community.” 

To learn more about CRC or to find out about how to support CRC’s mission, please call 419-473-8955, email or visit