Toledo Health & Wellness Guide: 2023

Find out what local health professionals advise for the new year

How to live a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle is often at the top of our New Year’s Resolution lists, but how do we go about it? We asked local professionals — doctors, dentists, and mental health providers among them —  what they suggest for the new year, along with a few questions to get to know them a bit. We hope this section inspires you all to be your best selves in 2023!


Heidi Locknane, LMT
Body & Sole Massage Therapy
214 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg

Name 3 things that people should do every day to stay healthy.  Drink plenty of water, stress less (or find ways that work for you to de-stress), and eat a clean and well-balanced diet!

Tell us about one of the most impactful experiences you’ve had with a client. I try to make sure that all of my experiences with clients are impactful! I do that by having a connection with each of them in addition to learning their personal goals and current lifestyle habits. Based on that information, I offer suggestions to support and meet their lifestyle goals. I believe that it is essential for people to make goals that fall within their daily routines and/or lifestyles to be successful in achieving impactful long term changes and experiences in their daily lives.

Often, some of the best things that we do to stay healthy — like seeing friends or reading a book — seem to have nothing to do with health. What are some of your favorite “unknown” ways to stay healthy? De-stressing and disconnecting are very important ways to make sure you are staying invigorated, positive and healthy. Ways I love to disconnect and de-stress include reading, spending time in nature, traveling, and spending time with my pets. I believe this time is crucial for us all to take time to do. With that being said, based on your personal interests and preferences, I believe that everyone deserves some “me” time.

When you feel stressed, how do you recharge? Taking time for myself to meditate is absolutely my favorite way to relax and recharge!

Would you rather take a boxing class or yoga? Definitely yoga!

Would you rather have a strict diet or strict fitness routine? I have a good diet plan already, so I would definitely say a strict diet.



Dr. Nick Goin, CACCP
Innate Health Chiropractic
26580 N. Dixie Hwy., #101, Perrysburg

Tell us a little about your practice and what sets it apart? The focus of our office is prenatal and pediatric care, which makes up over 60 percent of our practice. Our doctors have extensive training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) which allows them to specialize in these areas, which includes certification for the Webster Technique for prenatal moms.

What’s something you wish people knew about their health and chiropractic care? You don’t have to have neck or back pain to see a chiropractor. A large portion of our practice comes for healing from other health challenges like colic, reflux, digestive issues, poor sleep, anxiety, ADHD, ear infections, prenatal care, baby positioning and much more!

What’s the biggest mistake you see people making when it comes to their health? The biggest mistake is when health is not made a priority. Most people wait until they have a health challenge before they pay attention to their body, which can be too late. Preventative care and proactive care is always the best approach!

What health-related resolution would you suggest people consider for 2023? Get your spine and nervous system checked. Nervous system health is vital to reaching your health goals because your brain and nervous system control and regulate all functions of your body!



Dr. Jon Frankel, DDS
Jon Frankel Dentistry
5012 Talmadge Rd., #100

Tell us a little about your practice, and what sets it apart? Frankel Dentistry is the first 100 percent employee-owned dental practice in the United States. I am sharing the legacy my father started in 1946. Seventy-five years later, Frankel Dentistry continues to change the lives of patients and the owners.

What’s something you wish people knew about their health in regard to your specialty? Regularly scheduled dental visits are the key to not only a beautiful, healthy smile, but enhanced overall health. Dentistry has changed dramatically over the years. Most of our patients tell us they look forward to their visits.

What’s the biggest mistake you see people making when it comes to their health? Avoiding preventative measures and symptoms of disease. Waiting too long leads to serious issues. Take care of small issues before they become big problems.

What health-related resolution would you suggest people consider for 2023? Schedule a dental appointment!


Ashley Bush, MSW, LISW-S, PMH-C
Bloom Women’s Counseling, Consulting, & Wellness, LLC
112 E. Dudley St., Maumee

Describe your role at your practice. Owner and therapist.

What is your favorite thing about what you do? My favorite thing about what I do is helping women feel seen and heard.

What is the most difficult thing about what you do? Honestly, I enjoy all aspects of my work, even the more challenging things. However, the most challenging thing I often hear is how alone women and mothers feel in their experiences. One of our goals at Bloom Women’s Counseling is to provide a space where women can feel safe to talk about their biggest struggles and fears.

What healthy tips do you have for our readers going into 2023? Mental health is health! It’s very hard to commit to physical wellness goals if you are struggling with your mental health. Our bodies are interconnected, and our thoughts play a huge role in how we feel about ourselves and interact with the world. Remembering to take care of your mental health at the same time you are taking care of your physical health is vital to any long term wellness goal.



Sylvania Pediatric Dental Care
5860 Alexis Rd., Sylvania

Describe your work. We have an amazing team of pediatric dentists at Sylvania Pediatric Dental Care.  A pediatric dentist is a dentist that has had  additional training beyond dental school, so they are equipped to treat the dental needs of our pediatric population.    

What is the biggest struggle kids have when it comes to taking care of their teeth? Life gets busy, which we certainly understand here at SPDC, but it is still important to find time to brush and floss your teeth well. We love to see parents helping their kids by making sure they are not missing any spots. Diet also plays a huge role in oral health. The more kids snack throughout the day or drink sugary drinks they consume, the more likely they are to get cavities.  What is the most difficult thing about what you do? Changing gears and establishing individualized treatment plans depending on the needs of each child can be one of the most challenging parts of the job, but also one of the most rewarding. 

At what age do you recommend taking a child to their first dentist appointment and why?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends every child establish a dental home by their first birthday. Our goal is to teach good habits early so we can create healthy smiles that last a lifetime.  


Dr. Andre Haerian, DDS, MS
HLS Orthodontics
6407 Monroe St., Sylvania
7928 Secor Rd., Lambertville, MI
4413 Keystone Dr., Maumee

At HLS Orthodontics, the facility is not only equipped with the latest technology and the staff trained in the latest techniques, but they also manage to make the experience as fun as possible for the kids in their care. 

Dr. Andre Haerian says that many people think that orthodontic care is just about achieving a pretty smile, but it is so much more. “Although the end results are always aesthetically pleasing, our treatment offers jaw alignment for long-term oral health,” he says.

Though it’s tempting to put dental care on the back burner with our busy schedules, Dr. Haerian warns that this will come back to bite you in the long run.

“Looking for treatment when something is wrong as opposed to preventive health maintenance is always a mistake,” he says. “2023 can be the year for everyone to consider their own health and how their decisions can affect their loved ones and others in the community. Stay healthy and avoid unhealthy habits.”

Make an appointment at one of HLS Orthodontics’ three locations to get your child started on their healthiest year yet!



Chris Peters
SafeSplash Swim School
1510 Spring Meadows Dr., D-100, Holland
10602 Fremont Pike, Ste. 4, Perrysburg

What is your #1 tip for getting kids to be more physically active? I firmly believe that for kids to be consistently physically active, they need to be having fun.When should a parent first sign their kids up for swim classes? At what age can they begin? We offer swim lessons from 6-month-old kiddos all the way to adults, which is really cool! I think that any age is a great age to start swim lessons. It’s an important life skill that’s useful for everyone.What is the most difficult thing about what you do? I love what I do every day, and it’s amazing to see kids and adults alike make progress with swimming so that they are water safe. With that said, our biggest challenge is that drowning is still a huge issue in the United States, including Ohio.

 What health tips do you have for our readers going into 2023? Just like swimming is a life skill, staying healthy is also a very important life skill. Stay active doing the things that you enjoy and your body will thank you!



Angela Siebenaller, MS, RD
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and CACFP Manager
Early Learning Academies
10 locations in the Toledo area

What is your #1 tip for getting kids to eat healthy? Model healthy eating and make it a part of your family’s routine. Your kids follow your lead. Not only does eating healthy food benefit you, it helps your child learn lifelong healthy eating habits. As a parent, you’re in charge of the food that comes into your house, the meals you choose to prepare, and when meals are served. Use positive language when talking about food. Avoid restrictive (fad) diets and talk about food, eating, and mealtimes in a positive way.

How would you describe a balanced meal? What are the most important things to include?  A well-balanced meal consists of protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and water to drink. Protein-rich foods include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, beans, lentils, nuts and soy. Common sources of whole grains are whole grain breads, pastas, and crackers, brown rice, barley, quinoa and oatmeal. Choose any fruits and vegetables your family prefers, but often children prefer raw vegetables instead of cooked.  When possible, choose fresh over frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. Introduce your child to balanced meals as soon as they begin eating a variety of table foods, and stay consistent. For more information, check out the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) MyPlate at for an example of what a healthy plate looks like.

What mistakes do you see parents making when it comes to feeding their kids? Helping your kids develop lifelong healthy eating habits starts with providing structured, routine meals served at the table with the entire family present. While this scenario isn’t feasible every single day, do your best. Children learn so much from family meals. Another common mistake is forcing children to clean their plate. Forcing kids to continue eating once they are full trains them to ignore hunger and fullness cues and, over time, will create a habit of overeating. If your child genuinely does not like a particular food, do not force them to eat it! Everyone has their own individual food likes and dislikes, which can include sensitivity to different textures. Forcing children to eat a food they do not like will only make them resist it even more. Oftentimes, people who were forced to eat foods they disliked as a child will continue to avoid these foods into adulthood. Would you rather your child eat their green beans today or avoid them throughout the rest of their life? 

What is your advice for encouraging a picky eater? A lot of what is mentioned above. Also, continue to introduce new foods. While your child may have several favorite foods (this is normal), these foods should not be the primary staples in their diet. Introduce new foods along with another food they find familiar. If they don’t eat it, don’t worry, offer it again another time. It can take years of offering a particular food for a child to eat it. Don’t be discouraged if your child likes a particular food one day and not the next. Always stay calm at mealtimes and create a positive mealtime environment that is free from pressure or stress, which will deter your child from trying new foods. Avoid referring to your child as a “picky eater” as this label will discourage them from trying new foods and increase the likelihood that they will self-identify as being picky.