Spicy Tuna Sushi Bar & Grill


Newsflash! Despite popular belief, the word ‘sushi’ does not mean raw fish. It actually refers to Japanese rice, usually vinegar-ed. The rice is then commonly served together with vegetables, eggs, meat, and raw or cooked seafood. Some might even say sushi is the Japanese sandwich. Even if you can’t stomach the idea of eating raw fish, there may still be a sushi lover inside of you waiting to be unleashed! Or, as they say at Spicy Tuna, you may “get hooked.”

The next generation

Li and Sara Yu, husband and wife, opened Spicy Tuna Sushi Bar & Grill in late 2010. They opened in the same location at Holloway and Airport where Mr. Yu’s parents once owned Fu-Yi
Chinese Restaurant.

 Li and Sara built a beautiful sushi bar and added a game room with murals, video games and a pool table. They decorated the space in minimalist, contemporary fashion that doesn’t resemble the former Fu Yi. “We wanted to make it a fun place to go with friends and family,” said Ms. Yu. 

 Mr. Yu also decided to offer the original Fu-Yi menu. Patrons now have the best of both worlds; hip sushi in a fun atmosphere, as well as traditional Chinese cuisine. 

Sushi’s raw but it doesn’t bite!
Your pint size entourage will surely grimace if you suggest raw fish. Knowing this, their kids menu offers chicken nuggets and fries or chicken tenders and fries for $5, including drink and a snack such as gummies. Mac and cheese is also on the menu for $5.25. Have older kids who are feeling more adventurous? They offer sweet and sour chicken as well as pineapple chicken. 

 Sunday is family day so kids eat free with the purchase of an entrée or any two sushi rolls. It’s also a quiet day at Spicy Tuna, so it’s a perfect time to take the little ones out if you want to avoid the crowds and noise of livelier evenings.

Don’t hesitate to give sushi a try. “I’ve actually seen kids eat raw sushi here. They eat with chop sticks, too,” said Ms. Yu. She recommends sushi newbies try the cooked rolls first. The Yum Yum and Tickle Me Elmo are very good. We tried the Yum Yum — shrimp tempura and cucumber topped with kani, spicy mayo and eel sauce. We loved the Snow White raw roll. It too had shrimp tempura, but was topped with super white tuna.  

Let your server know your likes and dislikes and he or she will be happy to point you in the right direction. (I was excited two of my children tried the Yum Yum roll.)

My husband and I also split the Mushroom Chicken for $10.95, which was delicious. According to Ms. Yu, that is among the favorites, as well as the Mongolian dishes and General Tzu’s Chicken. My daughter enjoyed Shrimp Lo Mein for $11.95. (She offered a typical teenage assessment — “it had too
many vegetables.”)

Bottom line: Spicy Tuna Sushi Bar & Grill offers great sushi as well as Chinese and American cuisine. The non-traditional atmosphere is fun and kids eat free on Sundays. 


Kid-friendly Yes

To avoid wait Anytime

Noise level Moderate

Bathroom amenities No changing station

High chairs Yes

Got milk Yes, as well as Coke products, root beer, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice (no refills on juice)

Kids’ menu Yes, and kids eat free on Sunday with purchase of an entrée or two sushi rolls