New Year’s Resolutions: Give Yourself Some Grace

I have a complicated relationship with New Year’s Resolutions, which is probably true for most of us. Frankly, it can be a bit demoralizing to realize you haven’t yet achieved your resolution from last year, as is often the case.

Here’s what I propose: in addition to writing down our resolutions for 2022, write down a few big, positive changes that you’ve made in recent years. Did you quit smoking? Did you do something outside of your comfort zone, like experiencing culture shock during your travels? Did you simply let go of something in your life that was no longer serving you? If you make a list of some of your accomplishments, it might just give you the confidence you need to make 2022 your best year yet. Give yourself props for all the good you already do! In short, show yourself a little grace and begin anew. That’s my plan.

Self-care is a facet of our lives that we can continually revisit and this January/February issue includes our annual Health and Wellness Guide, where local experts, from pediatricians to massage therapists, weigh in on how to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Our writers have also contributed stories that address mental health concerns faced by our children, like social media use/addiction and the importance of safe spaces in our schools for kids to receive the support they need for them to thrive.

We are also proud to showcase local entrepreneurial moms who have done more than resolve to make their dreams a reality: they’ve truly made a difference in our community, all while maintaining the coveted work-life balance, which means something a little different to everyone. Every family is different; every mother has a different approach that works for her. The feature, “Moms Who Do it at Home,” is a series that will hopefully inspire you to make your own dreams come true this year!

Finally, we are gearing up for Family Favorites, where our readers give some love to the local establishments they can’t get enough of. Nominations run through February 15. The top contenders advance to the ballot, for voting from March 1 through April 15. Begin nominating your Family Favorites here today!

Here’s to a new year with infinite possibilities!


Erin Holden

Assignment Editor

Toledo Area Parent