Junior Chef: Easy-Bake Oven Off

Easy-Bake Ovens are a perfect way for children to learn their way around a kitchen. Think your team has what it takes to win this nostalgic cooking competition? Teams of adults and kids show off their skills with Easy-Bake ovens while baking original delicious recipes. Pam from Pam’s Corner will hold a fantastic and informative cooking demo at 2:30. If you aren’t in the mood to compete, cheer on your favorite baking team! Proceeds benefit Children’s Theatre Workshop, a local organization that provides acting classes and live theatrical experiences for youth ages 5-18.

Tickets available at the door. 2-4pm. Adults, $7; kids, $5 (ages 7-18); ages 6 and under, free. Children’s Theatre Workshop, 2417 Collingwood Blvd. 419-244-5061. childrenstheaterworkshop.org