Stubborn… And Proud Of It!

. May 31, 2019.

This Mancy family is serious about pizza

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes.
To avoid wait: Anytime.
Noise level: Moderate to loud.
Bathroom amenities: No changing station.
High Chairs: Yes.
Got milk? Yes— white and chocolate.
Kids’ menu? No— but you can buy pizza by the slice.
Allergy info: Gluten free pizza available, alert server to any allergies when ordering.


I am very ‘Toledo proud,’ as are my children. We love the 419. I lived away for about 10 years and didn’t think I would be raising my brood in Toledo, but I’m glad life worked out this way. I am a very proud graduate of the University of Toledo, and my oldest just finished her first year at UT. When I heard that the Mancy family had opened a pizza place near campus I was beyond excited. It was time for the Pizza Posse to go field trippin’!

Toledo roots, Toledo proud

Even if you weren’t raised in Toledo, all locals become aware of the Mancy family and their variety of wonderful restaurants. Born and raised here, the Mancy brothers and cousins have invested in Toledo over and over. John Mancy, who runs Mancy Bluewater Grille, and his wife Gabrielle, watched the old Schorlings grocery store near campus sit vacant for years, before they finally decided to open up another restaurant. And what could be more perfect for the neighborhood near a college campus than a pizza bar?

I love the interior of Stubborn Brother Pizza Bar (SBPB). The kitchen is open with a rectangular bar in the middle of the room, with tables and booths surrounding it. The booth seats wrap around, adding extra seating which is a bonus for small groups. It has a somewhat industrial flare with open rafters, bar stools that are bolted to the floor, garage doors facing Bancroft, and exposed brick walls. My favorite part is the HUGE lit ‘TOLEDO’ sign gracing the long wall.


Stubborn about EVERYTHING

Being stubborn doesn’t always have to have a negative connotation. In the case of SBPB, their stubbornness is what makes them stand apart. They are stubborn about the ingredients they use and stubborn about providing the best service possible. ‘Stubbornly fresh, stubbornly clean, stubbornly honest’ is their motto. According to Gabrielle Mancy, who was raised in NJ, she and her husband John started working on their dough recipe five years ago. They wanted to bring the NJ/NY kind of pizza to Toledo; even if that meant special water filters to replicate the NY water.

Slice houses are everywhere in NJ and NY. Since they are not commonplace here, I had Gabrielle educate me. Basically, they are pizza places you walk into and just get it by the slice. Well, you can do that at SBPB!

Mrs. Mancy said they have worked with a mill in Fostoria to grind the flour used in the crust from wheat berries with no additives. They ferment the dough for four days. It is fresh and not hard on the body. They do, however, offer gluten free pizza for those with allergies and you are even given your own pizza cutter/roller so there is no chance of cross contamination. According to Gabrielle Mancy, “We get as much (of our ingredients) as we can locally.”


Pizza, subs, and salads oh my!

The pizzas are either 18” round thin crust, or rectangular with quite a bit more dough, so it depends what you are craving. The Pizza Posse tried a couple of each and I think our favorites may have been the thin crust. Or, well, maybe the thick crust? We may just need to go back again. Certainly you can tell Stubborn Brother’s dough was different….in a good way.

My personal favorite is the Giavanna’s White. It has the SB pizza cheese, ricotta, roasted mushrooms, roasted garlic, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), and fresh basil. Oh, it was so good. They have a variety of appetizers, salads, and subs as well. “The Chicago Beef sub is the best seller,” according to Gabrielle. The Pizza Posse also enjoyed the twice baked garlic rolls with marinara and garlic Romano oven baked wings.

However, save room for dessert. The vanilla soft serve with EVOO and salt is something you really need to try. Of course they have a top of the line soft serve machine as well, because they are stubborn about their ice cream, too.

Bottom Line:

Being stubborn is a good thing when it comes to Stubborn Brother Pizza because they only want the best of everything for their customers. The family friendly, college friendly, and neighborhood friendly pizza bar will be a hit with everyone in your group, whether they’re young, or young at heart.