Fire Safety for a Safe and Happy Halloween

According to the United States Fire Administration’s records, an average of 9,200 fires are
reported in the country over a three day period around Halloween. As the holiday approaches, Ohio’s State Fire Marshal Kevin Reardon has made it a point to advise families on how to have fun and stay safe while celebrating.

Many of Reardon’s strategies for staying safe this Halloween focus on how families can prevent fires from candles, which are responsible for more than one-third of home fires caused by decorations. For instance, Reardon is urging families to use alternatives to real candles when possible (i.e. battery-operated candles, glow-sticks, etc.), supervise children around real candles and other sources of open flames, and ensure that exits are accessible and not covered by decorations.

Additional fire safety measures for which Reardon has advocated include providing children
with a refresher on the stop, drop, and roll sequence that can be used if clothing catches on fire and making sure that home smoke detectors are functional.

For more resources on how to practice fire safety, visit the Fire Marshal’s website.

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