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Raising Radicals

If you are anything like me, on Saturday August 12th you were terrified to find out that the young man who had driven a car into a crowd of people in Charlottesville was from our area. We learned of the details of this young person who decided to take part in the white supremacist rally

What Makes for a Good Leader?

I have a leadership test. It’s pretty short, not too complex, and I apply it to every leader I know over and over and over. Leadership is a tough subject. We can confuse leadership with directing, dictating, being in charge or having more money. But I hold leadership to a higher standard because I think

Ideas to help create a family vision

I recently had a conversation with someone I haven’t seen in roughly 10 years. We covered the basic topics you would expect after such a time. As we worked through the names and ages of my children he asked “Wow, three girls! Did you ever think you would have three daughters?” Of course my answer