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Thelma Miles Supermom

Thelma nurtures her brood of four—Isaac (6), Jacob (5), and twins Genesis and Isaiah (4)— realizing that each one has unique needs and challenges.

Back to School: The Adult Version—When Grown-ups Hit the Books

Going back to school can be daunting for anyone, but for parents seeking higher education, it poses a particular challenge. A recent study by The Young Invincibles found that careers which once required only a bachelor’s degree now require advanced degrees as many employers are increasing education requirements for the newly hired. So with the increased need to advance education to lead to advancement at work, how can busy parents balance work, school, and domestic responsibilities?

Up In Smoke—The Truth About Vaping

Lora Masserant says vaping is a hot topic in her household. “I had no idea it was so prevalent until I talked with my sons,” she says. “I feel that keeping an open dialogue is very important. Everyone thought smoking was okay and years later we are reaping the consequences. I feel vaping is the same way.”

Time to Talk: When “Wait and See” Isn’t The Best Approach

Communication plays a crucial role in the early years of a child’s life. Without the ability to hear and speak clearly, children lose vital access to many educational experiences as they grow. Early speech and hearing intervention can make a dramatic difference in the developmental progress of children from birth through early childhood.