The Autism Society of Northwest Ohio's Practical Workshop Series

. February 22, 2013.

As parents, we need to know when to go to the experts for example, a salon for when your daughter gave herself a haircut. Not every parenting obstacle is as clear-cut as a safety scissors makeover, though — especially for parents of children with autism. The Autism Society of Northwest Ohio's Practical Workshop Series will bring psychological and behavioral experts on the subject to Toledo this spring, offering advice on subjects like toilet training, how to get your child to sleep better, and even a “911” session addressing relationship stress. Psychologists from the Cleveland Clinic and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will be among the experts appearing, and workshop prices are offered at a low cost — between $10 and $20 for parents and professionals — making them a bargain for locals searching for parental wisdom. Executive director of ASNO Linnell Weinberg explains that every workshop has a central goal: “We want to give people at least one tip that they can go home and use.”

Sessions take place between Wednesday, March 6 and Wednesday, May 1 at the University of Toledo College of Engineering. For more information, call 419-578-2766 or visit —BA    

Autism guidance
The Autism Society of Northwest Ohio’s Practical Workshop Series takes places at the UT College of Engineering, Nitschke Hall, Room 1027, at 1610 N. Westwood Ave. Call 419-578-2766 or visit

Wednesday, March 6
“Toilet Training Your Child with Autism”

Thursday, March 7
“How to Get Your Child with Autism to Sleep Better (So You Can Sleep Better, Too!)”

Wednesday, March 20

Thursday, March 21
9:15 am-11:45 am
“Tips and Pitfalls in Raising a Child with Autism: From Behavioral Interventions and Social Thinking to Everyday Survival”

Wednesday, April 17

Thursday, April 18
“I’ll Get Out of Bed If I Can Have Starbucks: Understanding Motivation in Students with Autism”

Wednesday, May 1

Thursday, May 2
“911! — First Aid for Your Relationship When Raising a Child with Autism”