Sensory friendly

. February 7, 2013.

Children with sensory issues often have different needs when it comes to lighting and sound.  The Lucas County Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Maumee Indoor Theater recognize these needs with their Sensory Friendly Movies. Lights are turned up and the sound is turned down to accommodate families with children with special needs in the comfort of the auditorium. Every month a children’s movie is selected and plays with an earlier show time once a month on Sundays. The next presentation is scheduled for March 20, at 10am. The children’s film has yet to be chosen for the upcoming event; however, all movies hold a G or PG rating. Entry costs $4 and includes a small beverage and popcorn. Families are welcome to bring their own snacks if a child has special dietary needs. For more information contact Pam Auger at 419-380-5126 or Cindy Davis at 419-380-5178. The Maumee Indoor Theater is located at 601 Conant St., in Maumee.