When Sensational Kids began four years ago, director and owner Heather Eberly envisioned a daycare and learning center for kids of all needs, both special and typical. What she’s created goes beyond that original vision — it’s not only a place for comprehensive care and early intervention, but unique programs like hippotherapy, led by physical therapist Stacey Creps, where children work with horses on their physical, occupational and speech goals. “What it has done for our students [is amazing]. Kids that haven’t talked before — it’s brought about a whole different therapy for them,” Eberly says. Children don’t have to be enrolled at Sensational Kids to sign up for hippotherapy, which is one of many therapeutic tools available to allow parents to avoid shuttling their children between providers to get needed treatments. There’s also an emphasis on finding a diagnosis for potential issues early on, by taking advantage of the therapists who are on site. “Early intervention is unbelievably important,” Eberly says. “The thing that’s nice about our program is that our teachers are trained in therapeutic development. If there are things that we notice right away, we can have the therapist come in and look at them.” Sensational Kids starts a kindergarten program this year, in addition to the preschool, before school, and after-school care that was previously available. And they even occasionally host “parent’s night out” for moms and dads who need an evening away. —AO

Sensational Kids Daycare and Learning Center, 6060 Merger Dr., Holland. 419-724-5434.