Sal's Pals Annual Dinner and Auction

. March 21, 2013.

In the past eleven years, Sal's Pals Annual Dinner and Auction has helped raise nearly one million dollars to fund medical research to cure cystic fibrosis. This year’s event on Saturday, April 13 will be no different — Sal’s Pals founders Jenny Pinardo and her husband, Rick, have worked tirelessly to raise funding for research since their son Sal was diagnosed, shortly after his birth in 2001 with cystic fibrosis. The chronic disease impairs the lungs and digestive system and at the time, his life expectancy was less than 30 years. Though treatments developed over the past decade have advanced to extend that number, the Pinardos won’t be satisfied until a cure is found. “To be honest, my husband and I, the way we look at it is, we are not doctors, we can't do the research ourselves to find a cure,” Jenny says, “but we can't sit back and do nothing.” Despite the seriousness of the cause, the event’s success is attributed to its casual, familial atmosphere. “It's kind of like a big Italian wedding,” Jenny explains. This year's dinner will feature catering by Sofo Foods, a live auction, and a cash bar from 6 to 11 pm at St. Francis De Sales High School, 2323 W. Bancroft St. Sal's Pals will also participate in the Great Strides National Walk Event at the UAW/GM Powertrain Park on Jackman Rd. on Saturday, May 4. For more info, call Rick Pinardo at 419-360-7732 or visit